Saturday, December 20, 2008

He's Here!!!

My sister had her baby FINALLY!!
No pictures yet . . . :(
5:13 p.m. December 20th
He is 9 pounds, 1 ounce and 20 inches long.
I'll let her post his name . . .
Yay, my Pookie (as he will be known as on my blog, and by me for the rest of his life . . . lucky him.) is finally here!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


C.C just finished performing in El Dorado Musical Theatre's production of Annie. This show was certainly not a show to be missed. It was amazing . . . , plus there was a dog . . . how can you not love a show with a dog??

The show was double cast, and C.C was on the Roxy Cast. I was the official bio typist, again, and the Parent Volunteer Coordinator, which basically means all I did was eat, sleep, and breathe Annie for three months. It was so much fun though, and I can't wait to do it again. It was great to get to know and work with all of the parents, and to force them to get involved in their children's activities!! (That was actually the hardest part, believe it or not.) The kids were great . .. when the cast lists first came out, I was a little worried because the Times Square cast was full of seasoned performers, and we had a lot of newer performers, but I knew the Artistic Director knew what she was doing when she did the casting, and indeed she did! The cast did a fabulous job!!

Annie and Molly: "Please won't you come get your baby, maybe . . ."

"It's a hard knock life for us . . . "

"Just thinking about tomorrow . . . "

"The sun will come out, tomorrow . . . "

"You're only a day away . . ."

C.C .as a Hoovervillian

"We'd like to thank you Herbert Hoover . . . ."

(I know it's blurry, but I love this picture.)

"Little girls, little girls, everywhere I look, I can see them . . ."

Hannigan stole the show!!
Hannigan and Grace

"The swimming pool is to the right , . . ."
(C.C. far right.)

"I think I'm gonna' like it here . . ."

C.C as a Warbucks Staff

Bert Healy and Warbucks

Wacky and Mr. McCracken

Bert and Warbucks again

"Ahhh, the lovely Boylan Sisters . . ."

"You're never fully dressed without a smile . . ."

Bert Healy's "Hour of Smile"

The orphans listening to Bert Healy's "Hour of Smile"

"Smile, darn ya, smile"

(Isn't she the CUTEST orphan?"

Part of the Orphan Kick Line

"I don't need anything but you . . ."

Rooster and Lily (as Ralph and Shirley Mudge) about to butcher the adoption plans.

Grace and Annie listening to Rooster and Lily try to butcher the adoption plans.

Hannigan dressed up for Christmas . . . and about to be busted!

Random Annie pictures . . .
Grace, Warbucks, Annie, Sandy, Hannigan, and Rooster during bows

C.C. in her Hooverville costume

C.C in her Warbucks Staff costume

The villains . . . Lily, Hannigan, and Rooster

Good Day Sacramento t.v. appearance

C. C. and friends at 6:00 a.m.

Good Day Sacramento anchor dressed as Annie

The orphans in the orphanage

Hannigan and "Annie"

Annie and orphans

"Annie" and orphans

C.C in her NYC costume . . . she was a Mom

Warbucks mansion

Family Picture

Rooster, Hannigan, and Lily in their awesome shirts!

C.C. and Bert Healy

C.C. and her tap friend, Devin, as Mrs. Pugh

C.C. and the emotional Miss Hannigan

C.C. and Lily

C.C and her other tap friend, Terry, as Rooster

One of the Boylan Sisters, Grace and C.C.

Annie and C.C.

Warbucks and C.C.

C.C and Sandy

The End