Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gosh Darn, She CAN Spell!

Okay, I really was going to lay off of the "My child's spelling is atrocious" posts, but this one is too good to not share. I would like to thank my Little Sister for providing me with the material for this post. I would also like to thank her for entertaining my child through Instant Messenger yesterday morning while I "cleaned the house" (Read: slept!)

I received an email from Little Sis with the following transcription of part of their IM conversation with the message, "Doesn't the last sentence just sum it all up?!"

(Now, if you are one of those "read the last page in a book first" type of people {RYLEY} let me warn you, do not skip to the bottom to read the last sentence . . . you will ruin the fun.)

Charming Child: what did you do for valentines day

Little Sis: umm.. worked during the day.. then went out to dinner.. then hung out at barnes and noble.. then went home..

Little Sis: what did you do?

CC: i eat beff jreaky pudding and pckles for dinner

Little Sis: beef jerky pudding?? GROSSS!!! **

CC: i got them from your mom

Little Sis: thats a pretty disgusting pudding flavor..

CC: sorry beff jreaky and pudding***

Little Sis: ohhh.. okay that makes more sense..

CC: ( i can spell sorry)

**Notice Little Sis spells the words "beef jerky" correctly
***Notice CC still does not!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Integrity, Courage, Strength

Some of you may recall this interrogation I went through awhile back . . . I am pleased, and extremely, fantastically, PROUD to announce that my little brother graduated from the Sheriff's Academy this past Tuesday!! I'm sure it had everything to do with my wonderful review of him, and not anything at all to do with his six months of blood, sweat, and tears (I'm not kidding about this, I saw some academy video footage, and I must say, just watching it exhausted me!)

Announcing, The New Sheriff in Town, Protector of All Things Alive, Deputy Little Brother (Drum roll please . . . )

"My future looks pretty bright from here . . ."

Yep, one of those is his . . .

His girlfriend and I . . . hey, it's not ALL ABOUT him!

Aww, so cute, so happy . . .

Aww, so cute, so proud . . .

Here it is, one time only, a picture of the littlest sis . . . who by the way, I believe, is in for a rude awakening now that Big Brother has his badge . . .

The family, including my Stepmom, who will probably never sleep another wink in her life until my brother retires . . . no joke!

Suitable for All Ages . . .

It will not surprise any of you to know that I am behind in all of the things I want to post. I have pictures piling up that I want to share with you, stories to tell, and nonsense rambling to get off my chest . . .

So, last Saturday, C.C. had her auditon for her next musical, The Wiz. I was so proud of her, she actually made it all the way through the audition this time, instead of running out of the building in terror like she did the first time, and then choosing not to audition the second time. I guess the third time's a charm, right? She didn't get a callback, but atleast she made it over the audition hurdle. The cast list was posted on Wednesday, and among other parts that have not been determined yet, she was cast as a Tornado . . . there are about 15 tornadoes, so knowing the Director, they will probably be doing some kind of dance, most likely tap . . . The Tapping Tornadoes, ha! I'll keep you posted on that . . .

Wednesday, an email went out from the theatre asking if anyone would be willing to type the
script into a Word document, so, stupidly I responded and said I would "be happy to do it." Thank Goodness three other people also volunteered because the darn script is 80 pages long!!! I was in charge of pages 30-50, and I am proud to announce that I have my part complete and emailed in to the Producer.

There is a point to me telling you all of this, and the point is . . .Has anyone ever seen the movie The Wiz, or read the script, or seen a live performance? Just wondering because I came across some very interesting scenes while typing my pages 30-50. Like this . . . Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion have just entered the Poppy Field that they were warned to avoid (stage directions in parentheses)

LION: Wait for me! (He starts to follow to Stage Right, but a Poppy blows dust in his face, and he is hooked.) Y'all go on ahead. (Crosses Downstage, Left, Center.) I'll bring up the rear. (The Poppies, beautiful, sinuous, like streetwalkers, radiating sex, surround the lion. He moves among them, trying to touch and sniff each one. He gets higher and higher. ) All together ladies . . .

So, we have the Lion getting high off of poppy dust . . . . (I left out the part where the poppies surround him and grind and bump!)

Then there's this, the big entrance of the Wiz himself . . .

(Before the terified eyes of Dorothy and the others, two giant doors slide apart, revealing a mask. The mask then flies diagonally toward Stage Left, revealing yet another aperture, not unlike and iris**. As the aperture opens, mountains of smoke pour out, and through it, riding on what appears to be a giant tongue, comes the figure of the Wiz himself. The Wiz moves forward a bit, and when the tongue has reached its final position Downstage, the Wiz strikes a pose, flips his cape open, and he is, indeed, an awesome figure to behold.)

** What in the world does that mean?

And, indeed, he must be awesome if he's riding in on a giant tongue, for crying outloud!

Okay, I'm not complaining, because I have seen many shows put on by this theatre company, and they are all done in extreme good taste, and yes, they are always suitable for all ages . . . . but, I admit, those two scenes made me stop and think. I'll have to tell you how it turns out once the Director starts blocking the scenes. All I know is I am definitely going to join the team that is in charge of building the giant tongue . . . if for no other reason than to have pictures!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yet Another Writing Assignment . . .

I apologize in advance to bore you with another of CC's writing assignments. I truly am not posting this because I think it qualifies as "Good Reading." It is purely for the fact that one day I know she will come to me with wonderment at the spelling atrocities of her own children. "Why can't Little Suzy remember how to spell the word because?" she'll ask. And, "Why does Little Suzy spell the word friend with every-single-letter combination EXCEPT the correct one?" It will be then, when those questions arise, that the glorious day will have come for me to frantically search for the two-ton storage container full of CC's school papers I've been hoarding since Kindergarten, that I probably will not be able to locate in the moment of excitement of preparing for the "I told you so's", that I will have to open up this blog to show her some samples of her own writing. So here now, without further adieu, we have the writing assignment from January 7, 2008 . . . .

(Two fingers spaces from the margin) The most exciting thing that happened over winter break was was me and my freind Zoes new Years eve party.

(Approximately one finger space form the margin) It was the most exciting thing that happened because we thourgh it our selves.

(Right at the freaking margin) It was at my house. We had lots of food and apple cidder. We had danceing a disco lights. It was really fun waching the ball drop.** We poped poppers at midnight and screamed happy new Year! We also sprayed silly spray. I was really fun.

**Funny that she mentions how FUN it was to watch the ball drop, because if my memory serves me correctly, she was upset at her friend Zoe for wanting to watch the ball drop because they were supposed to be dancing!

Enjoy the pictures from the "Most Exciting Thing That Happenend Over Winter Break"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

He's Back . . . .

All New . . . Brothers and Sisters . . . this Sunday! That's all . . .

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whoa, Whoa, I, I Can't Wait to See You Again . . .

Does anyone out there, besides my Sister, remember watching the Mickey Mouse Club? M-I-C See you real soon K-E-Y Why? because I love you M-O-U-S-E. How about Kids Incorporated? We're Kids Incorporated K-I-D-S . . . I remember those shows a little too much I think. I'll be the first to admit, I am a huge fan of High School Musical and I know every word to every song, and I do enjoy watching Hannah Montana from time to time, and I do sing along every time I hear her(Hannah? Miley?) busting out with Best of Both Worlds, "Chillin' out take it slow, then you rock out the show" at the beginning of each episode. Why then, am I a little disturbed to hear Miley Cyrus on my radio station every time I turn it on? Furthermore, why do I ALWAYS turn up the volume when I hear her song?
I realize my radio station is full of former Mousketeers gone big, or gone bad, and this whole Miley thing shouldn't bother me, but it's Miley and she's like 14 years old, and why is she making more money than me?
Christina Aguilera, former Mouseketeer comes on the radio, and "I'm thanking her for knowing exactly what a girl wants, what a girl needs . . . ." Britney Spears, former Mousketeer, comes on the radio, and though I have never been a Britney fan, I know EVERY word to Piece of Me. Justin Timberlake, former Mousketeer, comes on the radio and whenever I hear the interlude to Lovestoned I Think She Knows, "those flashing lights come from everywhere" and I have a sudden desire to marry the man, seriously, and I don't even think he's that cute, but oh man, that song just gets me everytime! Then there's Vannessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale whom I equally love, and the Jonas Brothers whom I could give or take, but MILEY . . . . she's so cute, and so young, and "seems" so innocent, and shouldn't her songs only be on Radio Disney? Maybe I feel as if my radio station will corrupt her? And come to think of it, I really don't even know why I'm writing any of this, except CC said to me this evening, "I'm so glad the radio is playing Disney songs," and quite possibly that comment made me think . . .
The last time I freaked out
I just kept lookin' down
I st-st-stuttered when
You asked me what I'm thinkin' 'bout . . . .
And next time we hang out
I will redeem myself
My heart can't rest 'til then
Whoa, whoa,I,I can't waitTo see you again
-Miley Cyrus

Friday, February 1, 2008

Heartbroken and Bruised . . .

You know, this writer's strike is really starting to get on my nerves. I'm not saying my life revolves around television, but I do have my favorites. Why can't the striking writers just come to a solution already? I'm pretty sure a new season of The Bachelor should have started by now, and seriously, what do the writers have to do with that show? Why isn't it on?

In all seriousness, I am a huge Bachelor fan, but who cares about that? I miss Senator McCallister, really, really, miss him!! Just when some important information was revealed that was going to help him win his campaign, BAM, no more episodes!! How will I ever know if he became the next President? How will I ever know if Kitty talked him into wanting more children? (Darn her, lucky girl!) Oh goodness . . . . On a side note, what about those Desperate Housewives? Is Carlos going to find himself single again once Little Miss Gabby finds out he's blind? Is Mike going to be out of rehab before his baby is born? And, I'm DYING to know what that note, that was written on unburnable paper, said that Dylan* (I think that's her name) pulled from the burning fireplace. And those crazy doctors from Seattle Grace Hospital . . . What was Meredith thinking? Why can't she just let herself be with McDreamy ( I seriously can't even remember his "real" name right now)? Will Izzy and, oh, what is his name? See, I can't even remember their names, it's been so long. Oh goodness, what is his name?? Let's see, I remember this joke . . . Callie, Callie . . . Oh, I rememeber, O'Malley . . . George. What will happen between Izzy and George? Will they be able to work past their lack of chemistry?

Please Writers, can't we all just get along? I miss Senator McCallister! I'm so heartbroken.
In another part of the world, yet still so close . . . I have a bruise on the bottom of my foot. I didn't even know the bottom of the foot bruised. And, it is a bruise, trust me, I tried to scrub it off for days! I've never heard of this before, or is this something people usually keep to themselves? At first, I had no idea how I could have bruised the bottom of my foot, but then I remembered that day that someone left my pants, with my super cute pink belt attached, on the floor, and I stepped on the prongs of the belt. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's how I bruised the bottom of my foot. Darn that Someone!

I tried to take a picture of this bruise, just in case you didn't believe the craziness of the bottom of the foot bruise, but I was extremely unsuccessful. I just couldn't get the lighting to work and the picture never came out right. I would however like to direct you here to see a close depiction of what the bruise looked like.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

Signing off . . . Heartbroken and Bruised

P.S. The word was Procedures . . . just wait until I post the materials list. I seriously do not know where to find a pancial and papper!