Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Checking In, Again . . .

I have a few minutes before I have to begin Operation:Apply Stage Make-Up and Braid Too Short Hair Into Two French Braids! Though I don't have time for a real post, as in, a post that I've written, I thought I would just post, yet again, one of CC's beautiful writing assignments (I know how much ya'll love those!) Okay, I have to go off on a small tangent here . . . I apologize if I've already asked this question here before . . .is it y'all or ya'll? I've always wondered.

Okay, so on with the post . . . just so you know we're still living and breathing . . .

There are many reasons why I should be an AVID student. Some of the reasons are that I am unique, I have goals for myself, and I will contribute a lot to AVID.

I am unique because I am Egyptian and I speak Arabic. I also do theater and perform in musicals, and not a lot of people, that I know, do that. I am good with kids and I am very energetic. My friends think I am funny and fun to be around.

I should be an AVID student because I set goals for my self. In ten years I hope to be graduating from Yale, my dream school, and studying acting. My dream is to be on Broadway. I also hope to get a dog.

I can contribute a lot to AVID by being a good leader and a good helper. I also am a good public speaker and a good particeapater. I can also stay on task without being asked again.

I very much want to be in AVID. I want to be in AVID so I can be successful, and for college preparation. Also I want AVID to help me get organized and to give me the extra push I need to be successful. I also hope AVID can give me support and encouragement for me to do my best. I also hope that AVID can give me strategies to do better in school.

I hope you choose me for your program. I am ready to contribute my unique skills. I am excited to learn new strategies for school success in the AVID program.

Okay, so CC is applying for a program called AVID for Middle School. Please don't ask me what the acronym AVID stands for because the meeting was really boring and I don't remember! I do know, however, that it is a college preparation class that teaches students to be organized, teaches them how to study, and takes them on field trips to visit college campuses. CC is really excited about it, but nervous that she won't be accepted. The darn application process was pretty rigorous, but she got it all finished and turned in . . . now we wait. What you see above is her recruitment essay that she had to write to explain why she wanted to be in the program and where she would like to be in ten years. I didn't help her at all, except to change the spelling of the word 'encouragement' in the fifth paragraph because she had typed 'enragement' and personally I didn't think she needed any help with that!

Well, we, I mean CC has five shows this week, starting with one tonight, so we are off to see The Wiz . . . .

Oh wait, before you go, please stop by to visit my friend Teachbroeck . . .she was scheduled to deliver her much anticipated baby boy today!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just so you know I'm still here . . .

I don't have a lot of time to write because I have LOTS of typing to do for the playbill. I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here . . .I miss you all! I promise (I think, I hope) that I will write a real post soon. Until then, it was cast photo day today, so enjoy the few pictures I have. I would have more except I got a new camera (Yay Me!!) and every time I took a picture, it would set off the photographers flash, and I kept getting "yelled" at, so I didn' t take many pictures. Oh well, that's life!