Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is for Katie, and EVERYONE else who has given up on me . . .

I've never really considered myself to be crazy, but as I sit by the light of the computer screen, typing to myself, I am beginning to second guess myself! Yes, it has been seven long months since I have posted to my lonely blog, but I promise, it has not been seven long months since I thought about all of my blog friends. During my blog hiatus, I still took the time to visit everyone, though not always leaving comments . . . you see, my excuse is this: Starting with The Wiz, I took on the job as "Official Cast Bio Typist" and therefore sat for many hours typing the bios of each cast member, harassing the parents of the cast members who refused to read the newsletter, therefore holding up the entire bio typing process by not turning them in on time . . . lather, rinse, repeat!! I know, it doesn't sound like a valid excuse, but it's all I can think of right now!

I now give you the speed tour of the last seven months in review . . . fasten your seatbelts, keep your arms in at all times . . .

The Wiz

C.C. rehearsed and performed in The Wiz. In the photo above, she is part of the tornado. I'm not sure which one she is, but I promise, she's there! In the photo below, we have the hysterically funny Addaperle, the Good Witch of the South, and the Munchkins. Aren't the costumes fabulous . . . so fun!

The Yellow Brick Road

The Scarecrow (The Artistic Director told the Set Designer, "I want Wizard of Oz meets Andy Warhol" and here we go . . . )

Dorothy, Scarecrow, and The Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy, tapping Tin Man, and Scarecrow

The Lion

Emerald City Scene: C.C. on the right in the silver wig as an Ozian

The Wiz

The Wiz and the four friends

Evilene the evil witch

Margaret Pellegrini, an original Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, came to our Opening Night. She was great, and so cute! (Although she told a joke that I still don't get, but oh well.)

C.C as a Flying Monkey. She was so thrilled to get this part!

Willy Wonka

After The Wiz, like literally the week after closing show, she began rehearsing for Willy Wonka, in which she played a Candy Kid. In the photo below, she is standing in front of our amazing lobby display . . . do you see the chocolate waterfall and river?

Candy Kid

The Candy Kids

C.C. and her very favorite Candy Kid

More Candy Kid . . .

She also played a lollipop and a gobstopper, but I don't have any pictures of those costumes, which is really sad because they were cute! Well, the lollipop was cute, the gobstopper on the other hand was just plain . . . interesting!

Oompa Loompa, Ms. Teavee, Candy Kid, and Violet Beauregarde

The Golden Ticket Winners and Wonka

Oompa Loompas . . . so cute!

In between The Wiz and Willy Wonka, C.C. had her last day of elementary school. Below is a reminder of the first day of fifth grade, which really doesn't seem that long ago . . . in fact, if you read back probably about three posts, you may be able to see this same picture!!

And . . . the last day of elementary school . . .

My niece graduated from Eighth Grade as Valedictorian of her class . . . .

She's as tall as me . . .

The speech . . . .

Next, I found out my sister is expecting her first baby . . . so, so , so exciting! As I type this, he may be preparing to make his debut . . . .

My brother asked the lovely Jeni to marry him, and she said "YES!"

We got a boat this summer, so when we weren't at rehearsal, we spent a lot of time out on the water . . .

C.C and her cousins

We also got a pool at our Clubhouse and Cabana, so we did a lot of swimming and tanning . . . and ordering food from the Clubhouse and charging it to our account like we're on a resort
vacation . . .

As the summer came to a close, we said goodbye to some of our favorite theater friends as they embarked on their journey to "Big Kid School" . . . College. Here they are at the final bows of Thoroughly Modern Millie

Lauryn went to Oklahoma University Conservatory of Music and Theatre
(There used to be a picture here until I pushed some button and it disappeared, and since I'm not on my home computer, I can't go to my picture file and replace it . . . and if I wait until I go home to find the picture and then publish this post, it may be 2010! So . . . Lauryn is in the picture above, in the red dress, second from the left . . . crisis averted!)

Spencer went to Brigham Young University, Idaho . . .to study the snow!

And, C.C.'s idol and role model, Savannah, also went to BYU, Idaho.

The real end of the summer came when Miss C.C started Middle School . . .

She just finished her first trimester of Middle School with a 3.86 GPA . . . All A's except for Advanced Math . . . she got a B . . . and she rehearsed for Annie and took dance classes three-four days a week.

Almost there . . . . we're up to Hallowen. We spent Halloween in Utah and had my sister's baby shower the same weekend. It was a crazy, fun, busy weekend . . . and surprisingly, not very cold!

C.C. was Tinkerbell . . .

Emily was Supergirl . . .

Emily, Ryley, and C.C.

The next day we had a marathon day of baby showers . . . family first, then friends . . . Sis got lots of blankets . . .

Since returning home form Utah, C.C has performed in Annie and celebrated her 12th birthday . . . those stories to follow shortly. Annie was such an awesome show, it deserves a post of it's own.

Thanks for believing that I would be back to my blog someday . . . thanks for coming back!! I'm now off to continue typing Joseph bios and harassing parents.

P.S. Katie, I'm ready to go girl shopping!!!!


Ryley said...

It's a Christmas Miracle!!!! Hopefully he is making his debue soon.....

Katie said...

Hooray!!! I knew you could do it!!! My favorite is the tem pictures of Ryley's different blankets. That is funny... And no pic of Aaron in the survivor suit... I am disappointed:) Are you coming for Christmas break? Hopefully there will be a baby by then:) I am ready for you to girl shop too!!!
Congratulations again!!!