Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You may have noticed a strange absence.. for... lets say...... 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!

This is little sis.. I was wondering if anyone has seen this girl...

(The girl.. not the dog!)

How about this one??? Does she ring any bells????

Wellllll.. I actually have good news.. She's not dead!!!!!!!!!!!

I did talk to her yesterday, her life has been the normal hectic busy.. Drive C.C here.. then take her there.. Pick her up from here and drop her of there.. get it?

The most exciting thing in C.C's life is that she is doing a state project and got to choose UTAH!

She has asked me to send her some things. I called to ask exactly what she needed. I didn't know if she wanted information on what kinda crops grow here.. or what the population is. ORRRRR the attractions and"fun" things to do. (p.s. fun things in Utah include: mixing sliced carrots instead of shredded carrots into Green Jello / Going to Training Table for cheese fries and fry sauce / and going to Costco)

She responded that she "just needed me to count the people!"

No problem.. I'll have that census back to you in 2020. I'm sure your teacher will understand.
Well, there is that and play practice, lots and lots of play practice. No word on how the Giant Tongue is coming. But CC told me she was a little worried about some of the scenes! She's glad she gets to be a tornado dancer!
So since her life doesn't have much going on.. do you care about mine?????????
We're moving in ... well 2 days!!!!!!! and the people haven't even moved out yet. I'm soo completely ticked and nervous about that. They keep saying they can move out anytime, NOW looks like a pretty freakin good time to me. What was looking to be a smooth transaction has turned into problem after problem after problem. Have I mentioned that we have had problems? On a side note, they have a 2 years old that is the most adorable thing in the world. His name is Cohen. (And they aren't Jewish) I can't help but wonder if she named him after Seth Cohen on The O.C. But that's probably really rude to ask right? I'll bet you $100 she did! Back to the kid.. he is soo cute. He says "Not" to almost everything you ask him.

Me: "Cohen do you want to show me your room?"

Cohen: "Not"

Me: "Cohen are these your horsey's?"

Cohen: "Not"

Me: "Cohen are you allowed to jump on Mommy's bed?"

Cohen: (with a big smile) "Not"

Me: (by the way are you getting annoyed? Because seriously.... it's cute!!) "Cohen are you


Cohen: (running away laughing) "Not"

Really.. it might sound annoying, but it's seriously cute!

But his parents... GOOD LORD.. get out of my house already!!!!!!!!!!!

And ummmm.. I made a wedding cake.. want to see??

Cute huh??? I was pretty pleased with it. And the bride LOVED it. That's all the really matters.

Well.. that's all that is really going on in my life. Sorry it's not more exciting.

I have a very good feeling that my sister will be back very soon. If you guys can think of a topic for her to write about.. you might want to leave a comment. Maybe that will help her!!

Have fun... Be Good.. and don't stop checking back for updates!! Lots and lots of updates! Right????????


Mixed Up Me said...

Well, you sure did find the most flattering pictures to post, now didn't you? NOT!!!!

Katie said...

Please, please, please come back. I read enough about little sis on her own blog... I don't need to hear her complain on yours too:)

ibeebarbie said...

Well true to Ryles form-----great descriptive update. Great pics to of our MIA princess. (sniff, sniff) I'm going through HUGE withdrawals so any little bit of information is FABO. Anyone else seeing a pattern for long bouts of disappearance? (Hint--CC) Maybe an intervention is in order. What do you think?

Ryley said...

Sorry Ry.. Shutterfly was broken last night!! I was soooooo ticked! So I just had to make due.. sorry!!!

And Rude Katie!!! You're family... it's your duty to listen to me complain.. get over it!! :)

I know Ibee.. I was glad she called me so I at least knew she wasn't dead. Even if it was just so CC could ask me to count all the people in Utah! :) I think she's a little busy too. . what with the 8 hours of school.. 5 hours and play practice.. She hardly has enough time to throw in a tempertantrum! :)


Smooth move geting your cake on 2 BLOGS!!! I still love it! I never knew MUM had such long hair! I love the MIA POSTER TOO FUNNY!!!

Ryley said...


sneaky huh??? Sorry.. I'm a little proud of it! :)

You didn't know about her hair??? oh boy.. maybe one day i'll do a hair post for her! even though she'll probably get mad a me! maybe she'll change her password soon!

I was actually a little worried about the poster. I was afraid people would think it was real if they just opened up the page to that! Glad you liked it! If you click on it, you can read it bigger!

Mixed Up Me said...

My eyes are blue, and why am I dangerous. Do I usually have huge temper tantrums?? And that poster picture came from Shutterfly, right?

Anyway thanks for posting. You can do a hair post if you want to . . .

Alrighty . . .off to rehearsal!!


I wathced ACE OF CAKES last could totally be on that show.

Ryley said...

I wish!! But I totally love Duff!

ibeebarbie said...

I LOVE DUFF too, but think even you Ryles are funnier than him. :-) Now that you've been given the go ahead to do the hair post you realize we'll all be waiting with baited breath.

More importantly though glad to see Ry is ALIVE!!!! Wooooohooooo