Monday, August 13, 2007

Guess what day it is tomorrow. . .

. . . I'll give you some clues:

Clue #1: Three new pairs of shoes. . . .

Clue #2: New clothes hanging on annoying store hangers. (Note to Self: Buy CC new hangers.)

Clue #3: A new backpack

Clue #4: A new desk chair.

Clue #5: A special outfit that has been laying out for three days (yes, tags and all)

If you guessed that it is Charming Child's first day of school, you are absolutely correct! (Excuse me while I jump for joy . . . ) I think that both of us are ready for the school year to begin. We found out who she got for a teacher this year, and we were both very pleased. Believe it or not, CC wanted Mrs. R because she is strict, and I wanted Mrs. R because the other 5th grade teacher's room is so cluttered I was afraid I wouldn't be able to volunteer in the classroom for fear of being sucked under the piles!

You may have noticed that there was not a picture of the new school supplies for the year. Then again, it may have not even crossed your mind. Last year the principal had the brilliant idea to sell prepackaged school supplies at a flat rate per grade, and the supplies would be waiting for your child on his or her desk the first day of school. Well, let me tell you, I was the first one to have my check in the office, with a big ol' "Hat's off to you!!" in the memo section! Believe me when I say, I would have paid quadruple the price of the packaged school supplies just to forego the arguing in the Target school supply aisle! I swear, if I had to listen to, "Well, Mrs. Fourth Grade Teacher liked this kind of pencil, so even though Mrs. Fifth Grade Teacher is requesting this kind, we better get the other kind," this year, I was going to lose my ever-loving mind!! Maybe I'm just more sensitive to this type of thing since I'm a teacher, considering I usually spend the entire first week hearing, "Mrs. Last Year's Teacher made us do it this way," to which I usually calmly respond, "Well, unless you would like to spend another year with Mrs. Last Year, I suggest you humor me and learn to do it my way!"

Here's to wishing everyone a fantastic 2007-2008 school year!

P.S. I apologize if this post didn't make any sense at all, and please excuse any grammatical errors you may have found, but I am not feeling that great, however I felt I had to write something since Little Sis so nonchalantly asked me today, "Uh, so, do you still have writer's block because you haven't written anything about your trip to California yet?" To which I had to remind her that I actually took a trip to Utah, and it wasn't that I had writer's block, it's just that I haven't been feeling so swell. I guess she hasn't been able to meet her 20% of internet time at work since my last post.

I have lots of pictures and lots of excitement (yes, we made it to East High) to share from my trip to Cali . . Utah. Hopefully I will get to that this week.



WHOA!!!! It is still the middle of August and you guys are gong back to school? I mean HIgh Shcool Musical 2 isn't til this can't have school before that? I am sweating my arse off in my room right now trying to get "ready". I start the 28th but the kids don't come til after Labor Day. Hope it all goes well!

Mixed Up Me said...

I know, I know, how dare they start school before HSM2!!! Atleast it's on a Friday though. We're going to see HSM the musical at the same theatre company where CC did her play, then they are having a HSM2 premiere party . . . fun, fun, fun!! :)

ryles said...

Only 2 more days till the HSM2 parties!! whoo hoo!!

Did i effectivly sound like I'm excited? I dont think i am.. but i can pretend.. i just really hope i feel better by then..

p.s. where did she finally find beads to wear with her outfit??
Thank goodness she didnt wear a "scarf" in the middle of summer to her first day of school!