Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh, Blog of Mine, you have not been abandoned, completely . ..

Hi, it's ME. Remember ME? I went to visit some of my favorite blogs this afternoon, and I thought, "Gosh, I hate it when I come to read a new post and there isn't one!" Then I remembered that I had a blog of my own, a highly neglected blog might I add . . . so here I am, attempting to write something interesting and exciting so that my blog doesn't feel so abandoned . . . I really don't know what is wrong with me lately, it's not a lack of things happening in my life to write about, it's just that by the time the dust settles after the kids are washed, dried, and put away for the night, I'm so darn exhausted . . . or maybe it's the wine, hmmmm, anyway. I know I still have a Utah post to write, which I thought about writing last night . . . I got as far as going to Shutterfly to find the pictures I wanted to use, and that's about it. . . I started looking through my trillions of pictures, emailing pictures to people, resorting my folders, then I didn't have any creative energy left so I just went to Myspace to stalk people instead.

Well, with that said, I still can't think of anything entertaining to write about that doesn't involve having to find pictures to go with it, because I can guarantee that will turn out the exact same way it did yesterday . . . so, on this, the 13th, count them, 13th, night of school and the 11th (because homework is not assigned on Friday) night of the homework wars, I will leave you with this letter that I received from Charming Child sometime during the first week of school (copied exactly as it was written) I hope you enjoy it! By the way, I've come up with a new slogan for Planned Parenthood, "Who needs condoms and the Pill when you can spend the day with my children?!?" (Can you tell it's been a rough night?)

Dear Mom,

This year I will put forth my ultimate best efort and take time to do things correctly I want you to be superior of me and I can be of myself.

I will also resepct you and help you around the house because you do so much for me. I will try to watch less t.v. and read more because I want to be better in reading.

I will also try to improve on math and spelling because that will help me get on the honer roll. I will also improve on takeing my time to get things right.

I will also except help and edmit things when I am wrong. That will help me become a better student. I will try hard in school and try to eat right and excrise.

I hope all of these things will make you proud of me.

Charming Child


ryles said...

who wrote that letter???

definitly not that child in your house...


i think thats all i can muster up to say..



Mixed Up Me said...

Yep, she wrote that letter . . .can't you tell by the words such as, "excrise" and "edmit" and, oh, I better stop there. By the way, what are you going to do at work tomorrow since you already read this?

ryles said...

i know!!!

i actually stopped for a minute when i saw you wrote something new and thought.. i better wait till tomorrow. but then i decided since i've been pretty sparse at work lately.. that maybe i should get some work done.

Did they have an assignment at school to suck up to your care takers?? And its a good thing she's trying to be committed to spelling better.. no one is going to higher a journalist that spells like that! :)

ryles said...

sorry.. one more question..
what does this mean?

"I want you to be superior of me and I can be of myself."

What exactly do you think she was trying to say?

Mixed Up Me said...

I wondered the same thing . . . she said she found the word superior in the thesaurus. I think she looked up the word proud and found superior. If you replace the word superior with proud, it makes more sense.

ryles said...

Yes.. definitly does..

She's weird....

ibeebarbie said...

Hi there,
Well suppose credit should be given to the fact that she knew where to look in a thesaurus. :-)

So glad you posted tough because although we see and talk to one another there's something about your blog that I love to visit often. I think perhaps in part because of Ryles input---how could you not love getting her comments? :-)


awww frame that letter! And save it for proof! Can't believe school is sooo underway by you...I guess come Tuesday that will be my reality too!

ryles said...

Thanks ibee!!!

I'm contimplating letting her make me guest post everyonce in awhile.. cause frankly... she gets writters block a lot..

However.. i'm afraid once the madness of this wedding is over.. i wont have anything to talk about..

Mixed Up Me said...

You can guest post tonight if you want, and tomorrow, and the next day, in fact, can you do my Utah post?????

I do much better when I can post randomly, but when I have things that I should post (like Utah) I get stressed over trying to make it entertaining.

Call me, I'll give you the password to post.