Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just go home, please . . . Nothing exciting here!

Well, the first trimester of school ended on Friday. It seems as if I was just writing about the first day of school . . . maybe quite possibly it seems that way because there have been very few posts since then, hmm, well anyway . . .I can't believe the first trimester is over! What I really can't believe is that CC has two weeks of vacation coming up . . . thank goodness for theater because otherwise she would drive me crazy! Not that I don't enjoy spending time with her, it's just that whenever she is on vacation from school, she thinks she has the right to be entertained 24 hours a day! Not just, "let's play a board game" entertainment, but full out lavish "we need to spend money and do something exciting everyday" entertainment! Maybe I can get away with taking her to Starbucks each day for her 'Tall Sugar-Free Decaf Caramel Frappuccino' . . . probably not though! Speaking of Starbucks . . . I went through my pictures on Shutterfly the other day, and I was disturbed to discover that about 30% of my pictures are taken at Starbucks! I don't really know what disturbs me about that . . . maybe it's a sign that I need . . .to find a new coffee establishment! HaHa, I know you were thinking I was going to say maybe it's a sign I need a new life! The funny thing is, I really can't stand the taste of coffee! Starbucks has just been the place to meet and visit with friends that it has become a part of my daily life . . . I mean seriously, I get a headache if I haven't had my 'Iced Grande Extra Ice (very important) Tuxedo Mocha' by 9:00 a.m.! Personally I think it's all mental, but that still doesn't stop me! What's really bad, is my need to have coffee while I'm driving . . . I swear, it doesn't matter if I just had Starbucks, if I have to drive anywhere for a long distance, I have to have Starbucks!

"Hello, my name is Ryan and I am addicted to the idea of coffee!"

Here's the proof . . .
We use Starbucks as a Dentists' office, because it's cheaper than insurance!

C.C even played a Starbucks employee in her last Musical!

Daily therapy!

Girl's Day Out! I bribed them, I admit it . . .


ryles said...

The first step in recovery is admittance..
Well.. not admittance.. like gaining access.. admittance.. as in admitting you have a problem..
Whew.. glad i cleared that one up.
However.. i dont see this as the kind of addiction that one (i.e. you) recovers from.
I do have an idea though.. why dont you at least invest in a couple shares of stock in starbucks. That way you are at least getting a small return on your investment. Then you can call your trip a business meeting.. and your purchases a business investment.. hmmmm.. that might make them tax deductable!! I'll look for the "Starbucks" deduction on my next tax form.

Oh so funny story..
Talked to Emmy on the phone the other day.. its her end of trimester too.. and being in 7th grade is a big deal.. it goes on your highschool gpa now..
So .. i asked her how she did.. and she was like "What do you mean?"
Well actually if i were typing our conversation ..she was probably more like "Wut do u mean?"
so.. i said.. "Did you pass all your classes?" She responds with the most snotty "How the heck am I supposed to know? Powerschool(the internet program all the schools use around here..sorry if thats what you use too and this description is totally uncalled for!) is down.. duh.."
Kinda caught me off guard.. i wasnt accusing her of not brushing her teeth or changing her underwear.. just making sure she did okay..
Seriously.. she doesnt know if she passed her classes because she can't get online and check??
Are kids really that detached from the world these days??
guess I'll know next week if she passed all of her classes depending on whether or not she is grounded...

p.s. you forgot my favorite starbucks picture of your favorite incredibly Mormon brother in law (aka.. my husband) drinking his first "Mockha" i love that picture!
And the heart attack it gives his mother!! :)

p.p.s (does it bug you when people put p.s.s. like it does me??
like seriously.. post script script?? duh.. obviously its post post script! anyway...)
okay.. now i totally forgot why i need a post post script..
oh.. i think to apologize for hijacking your blog.. and to say thanks for FINALLLLLY updating!!
I'm very proud of you!

Mixed Up Me said...

Where is the picture of Mormon Boy and his mocha? I was searching all over for it!! I knew Ihad one and wasn't going crazy . . .thanks for clearing that up for me!

Conference today for Miss Thing . . .4 A's 2 B's and an N as in Needs Improvement in gets along with others! I almost had a heart attack . . . I wasn't expecting that at all!!! The N I mean! :)

ibeebarbie said...

Howdy! Well of course Ryles never seizes to crack me up either intentionally or unintentionally. Thank you!

Awesome memories little Amira and I have of Starbucks visits with you. Hell, I think she thinks you live there as in we are going to your house. :-) Doesn't bother me though----rather envious as I'd love to have a Stabucks in my house.

We definitely need to get together again soon before she forgets where you live. :-)


First trimester....HA I had to read it again to make sure ummm yha...anyway! Our first quarter just ended we don't get 2 weeks off!!!!!! Just 3 days at Thanksgiving....I think you guys start earlier than we do though. Does CG drink coffee???

Mixed Up Me said...

She drinks coffee if you consider decaf and sugar free coffee!!

ryles said...

k.. emailed you the picture of him..
it would only be better if he was drinking it..
And wish we had a picture of Emmy drinking one too!!
That would be great!
We are still TOOOOTALLY addicted to Starbucks chocolate milk.
Seriously.. maybe you should switch..
cause when i used to drink coffee i was all about.. double extra chocolate.. extra ice.. extra whipped cream then added like 3 cups of powdered chocolate powder..
Just to kill the taste of the coffee..
Now that i just drink chocolate milk.. i get the benifit of the plastic cup and bubbly lid and green straw without any icky coffee taste!!!
by the way.. dont use the.. "I dont like milk" excuse.. i dont either!!!!

ryles said...

(Can i make some suggestions for the play list??? Can you add Shakira Underneath Your Clothes..
And do you think you music place has any Raffi??
I could really use Baby Beluga (It's mine and Riddick's song!) and Oat and Bean and Barley
I always wondered how oat and beans and barely grow!)

Mixed Up Me said...

Shakira under my clothes? Anyway, guest post and I'll add whatever song you want!


DECAF? What is that? HA HA HA!