Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Big Day: Part Two

It is my lucky day today! I went to visit my friend Teachbroeck where I was reminded that it is Wordless Wednesday. Wow! That is just my kind of day! So I am leaving you with more pictures from Little Sis' wedding, and tomorrow on Thoroughly Thorough Thursday (I made that up, yay me!) Little Sis will add the words! Enjoy!


ryles said...

k ready?

#1 - i made it..
#2 - want to sign?
#3 - cool huh?
#4 - from germany
#5 - finally..
#6 - he's thirsty
#7 - yea.. really!
#8 - can we go yet?
#9 - see ya!!!!
#10 - wow!
#11 - yippee!
#12 - awww..

There you go!

Just kidding guys!!
My sister left out some of the best pictures.. so don't worry.. i will come to your rescue with good pictures and real captions!!

however.. (hint.. hint)
i really wish she would do a wedding outtakes post!
We have some really great behind the scenes and blooper shots!

Mixed Up Me said...

Ummm, there are some picture missing . . . I know I posted a full picture of the cake, and I know I posted a picture of you guys covering your faces before seeing the presents . . . hmmm, it's a mystery!


MY NAME!!! I Love it!!!! The cake is a piece of that a digital photobook? I make them for K all the time...but never did I think of it for a wedding!!!


wiat.your sister MADE THAT CAKE...shish I can't even bake muffins...from a box!

ryles said...

Teachbroeck -
I did make the cake.. but don't worry.. most of it is fake!!
You must not have been around during all the back and forth i was doing about whether or not i wanted to make my own cake!
But i did..and loved it!
but get this.. after all the time i take to make it.. it didnt even get cut and served..
Threw the WHOLE thing away!
(well.. minus one little tiny piece we cut!)
I promise i'll post more pictures soon.

And yea.. it is a shutterfly book.
Someone gave me the idea and i loved it!
So i just put one picture on every page and left the background white.
The little girls were great at making sure they flipped the pages after a few signatures so they are nice and evenly dispursed!
Its probably one of my favorite things from the wedding..
Well that and the 600 left overs forks.. 100 left over plates.. 60 ft of left over isle runner..
150 left over red votives.. 150 left over black tea lights.. 30 left over silver votives..
and a huge styrofoam wedding cake!!

p.s. if you want to see what other baking stuff im up too.. my new husband made me my own blog!
You can just droll over it..
Maybe i'll make you a pickle flavored cupcake with peanut butter frosting!!
(my way of saying congratulations!)


Ryles...I would be happy to check your your baking site...but be warned I COOK never bake! Weird I know!!! I love shutterfly! I get mail from them weekly! Presents, digital scrapbooks, prints..with BORDERS!!! oh and hi mixed up me I feel like i am hi- jacking your site!