Saturday, September 1, 2007

Utah: Day One - The Shower

So, today I realized that Little Sis is getting married in 13 days, and oh my goodness, I have not posted the Bridal Shower pictures! I have to post the Bridal Shower pictures before I post wedding pictures, otherwise, you know, things would be out of order, and we can't have that now, can we!?!? So, here we have it . . .

Charming Child, Em (CC's pen pal and soon to be kind of aunt) and Little Sis
Little Sis and I
And now, in no particular order, because blogger hates me when it comes to picture posting, the shower pictures . . .
The Hostess, Kara. Thank you, Kara, for everything you did for Little Sis. The shower was perfect and my Mom and I appreciated you filling in since we are so far away.

Little Sis and some of her new family members. Little Sis opening her gift from me. She doesn't look very pleased. The bag was so cute though, it looked like a purse.

Oh, she is pleased! I had to give her pictures of her actual gift, Bride and Groom sweatshirts to wear on the honeymoon, because even though I paid $50,000 extra for rush delivery, they still didn't come in time.
Here she is really excited about her Sesame Street tupperware from Mom!
Here's Mom and Little Sis's beloved and spoiled son, Riddick. This picture was taken moments before Riddick and his brother, Spike escaped from the backyard sending all of us on a wild frenzy through the neighborhood looking for them. They were found . . . of course Riddick blamed it on Spike, and Spike blamed it on the wind that blew the gate open . . . I guess we'll never know the truth.
Little Sis looking cute!
Do you see how she snagged that comfy chair for herself?
Another present from Mom, a cupcake cake pan!
The yummy chocolate fountain! Here's a fact for you that will make you want to run out and dip strawberries in chocolate . . . you have to mix 2 cups of oil in with the chocolate to make it flow properly.
Little Sis and Kara.
The Girls and Mom.
Little Sis has graciously offered to guest post until I get myself out of this writer's block rut, so hopefully we'll be hearing from her soon.
Utah:Day Two - Snowbird . . . Coming Soon


ibeebarbie said...

Good job! Ryles you have to be one of the only bride's-to-be I've seen that looks so calm, relaxed and like you're enjoying yourself. What's your secret? Perhaps it's something that you and Mixed Up Me can together--perhaps a book deal or something. ;-)

ryles said...

CALM??????? i guess the pictures didnt capture me well.. im anything but calm now.. Aaron is getting so frustrated because he just wants to relax and everytime i sit down i think of something else that has to be done.

But maybe that day i was a little calm.. i mean.. i had mexican food.. presents.. and a chocolate fountain. What more could a girl want??

Oh.. how about her dog not to run away. That was really really scary.
Glad we found them.

But yea.. it was a pretty fun party.. i was really nice.. and i even look mildly cute in most of those pictures.

I cant wait to see the snowbird pics.. so hurry it up.. would ya??

Dont worry about being witty.. i'll add something witty to my comments when your done!!

p.s. my wedding cake is almost done.. i'll send you pics when im all done so you can post them!

ryles said...
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ryles said...

sorry.. i posted that twice..