Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Menagerie of Posts . . .

First of all, my little sister is seriously (but not really) getting on my nerves . . . I have hinted and hinted for her to write a guest post, but instead, she enjoys leaving comments like, "Can you not get past a four line post?" Haven't I made it clear that I have writer's block?!? So, Little Sis, here you go, a more than four line post . . . I can't promise enjoyable reading, but I can promise more than four lines!

So, life lately has been a little crazy, hence the lack of posting. "What has been going on?" you ask. Turn up your volume . . . Yep, that's my life lately. Sounds fun, huh? Things are getting better though, and I am feeling better, and so here I am, attempting a post.

Where to begin . . .

CC is in the middle of rehearsal for her next musical, Aladdin. I can't wait for the show, I am so excited! Today was cast photo day . . . the costumes are just amazing so far. Of course we only got to see a small sampling of the costumes today.

(I am so sorry that these pictures are such bad quality because they don't even begin to do justice to what the costumes look like in person. Hopefully I'll have better pictures soon.)

It's almost Halloween, which means it's almost CC's birthday, which means it's almost Christmas . . . AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Anyway, CC decided she wants to be Sharpay for Halloween this year. Yes, they sell a costume and everything! How many Sharpay's do you think will be out scouring for candy this year? It's going to be like the year of the Red Power Rangers. Does anyone remember that year? My youngest sister (the tweaker, not to be confused with Little Sis, the one who refuses to guest post) was a Red Power Ranger "that" year. Oh my goodness, I wish I could find a picture of her Kindergarten Halloween parade. The entire elementary school paraded around the campus and I am not kidding, it was a sea of red, and a few witches. I can imagine my conversation now, if CC were to be in a Halloween parade this year:

Stranger: So, which darling costumed child is yours?

Me: Oh, she's the 1, 347 th Sharpay from the front!

On a side note, the color-blind Mr. Too Smart got his license . . . don't worry though, he has already managed to get himself in trouble and can now only drive himself to work and school . . . don't worry though because he has had his hours cut down to almost nothing at work because he got caught chatting and playing games online, while at work, so he can only drive himself to school . . . don't worry though because we don't really think he is enrolled in any classes, he just goes to make us think he is enrolled in classes, but now that he has to drive himself . . . oh, did I mention that he is scared to drive at night? . . . . well since his fake classes are supposedly at night, he will probably quit that charade too!

What else, hmmm? My child has Dictionaryaphobia! If anyone has any suggestions on how to cure this problem please let me know because I swear, if she tells me one more time that her Webster's Dictionary doesn't have the word she's looking for, I am going to hurl, as in "throw violently", not as in "puke" like she tried to put on her homework because the Webster's Dictionary didn't have the word hurl . . . I am going to HURL the Webster's Dictionary down the hall!! I have explained guide words to her over and over and over again, yet still they are a foreign concept. Here is our homework conversation from the other evening, though it doesn't really matter when the conversation took place because we have the same conversation each night, just with different words:

CC: Why did you circle the word 'marrige' on my homework?

Me: It's spelled wrong.
CC: Well, how do you spell it?

Me: Look it up in the dictionary, you have the first five letters correct.


Me: (Silence)

CC: (Furiously flipping through the dictionary) This dictionary goes from MARGINAL TO MASK - THERE ARE NO M-A-R-R WORDS IN THIS WHOLE DICTIONARY!!!!!!

I'm just going to end the conversation there, but you get the idea.

Well, I have a few more things on my list, yes I made a list, of things to write about, but Grey's Anatomy is going to start in a few minutes, so I 'll have to end here. I know some of you are thinking, "Thank Goodness!"

Oh wait, I have to write about this . . . does anyone watch Beauty and the Geek? Anyone? I am just really wondering what in the world a Live Action Role Player (LARPER) is. That LARPER dude seriously (and I do mean seriously this time) just gets on my nerves, with his ever changing voice that mostly sounds like a girl . . . Seriously, what is a LARPER? I can't find it in the dictionary!


ryles said...

WOW!!! quite an accomplishment.. I'm very proud of you..
We might have a quiet i will try to get some guest posting done..

cause i see how it is.. your little sister (who isnt a crack head..) isnt important enough to you to post pictures from her wedding.. i get it.. dont worry!

just kidding.. i'll see what i can do about it.. the only problem is.
i dont remember much from those 2 days..
and i didnt get to even experiance my reception.. so i guess it'll just be a pictoral post..
(okay i know thats spelled wrong.. but the dictionary i have goes from pics to picu.. there are no p-i-c-t words.. sorry!)

Mixed Up Me said...

It's not that I don't want to post your wedding pictures, it's that my laptop crashed, so it is harder for me to retrieve and save the pictures from Shutterfly on this computer. By the way, does your dictionary have the word LARPER?

ibeebarbie said...

Guess what? The good news about guest posting is you can make up the reception however you want or wanted it to be depending on the events you may have wanted to change.

How about if we agree that Ryles does the guest post however she want to remember her reception (or if doesn't recall---then makes up) and Mixed Up Me recalls it the same way? :-)

Mixed Up Me said...

The only thing I remember about the reception is carrying water back and forth to Ryley and the parents while trying to avoid the ex-boyfriend that showed up ot crash the wedding (without a present no doubt!)