Monday, October 1, 2007

Random Thought . . .

My horoscope today said I need a change of scenery and I should take a helicopter ride . . . . hmmm, are you kidding me? A helicopter ride?! Why would a horoscope suggest something so unattainable I couldn't even reach it if I was floating through the air in a hot air balloon? Which by the way, I would not be floating through the air in a hot air balloon because I can't afford that either!!


ryles said...

helicopter ride??? seriously..
who writes these things.. maybe that would be a good part time job..
oh wait.. you can barely keep up with your blog much less predict the future of billions of people!!! :)
love ya!!!

Mixed Up Me said...

I predict for your future you are going to write "Big Day: Part Two" (from a helicopter)!!

ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOOOOOOL - Awwww sibling love!

I wouldn't do it because I'm terrified of heights. High heels sometimes scare me. LOL