Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dear World,

Though it is not Earth Day today, it is, due to the poor air quality, a 'Spare the Air' day in Sacramento. This means that children should not play outside, pets should not be walked, we should ride our bikes or carpool, yada,yada, yada.

With that said, I would like to do my part to save the earth, since the air is not cooperating today. I would like to save everyone from exhaling carbon dioxide into the air when they speak, thus causing the earth to panic because it already is having a tough enough day today, by informing you, I KNOW my hair is long!!!!!

Thank you to all of you helpful individuals who have taken the time to remind me of this, but really, "Spare the Freaking Air'!! Besides, I really don't know what to say to you when you tell me this . . . "Thank you" doesn't seem appropriate because you're really not complimenting me, and yet, "No Shit, really?" seems a little rude since 360% of the time I've never seen you in my life, and finally, "You've got to be kidding, it was short when I left my house this morning!" seems a little too sarcastic. So let's just agree that it is not necessary anymore to share the length of my hair with me . . . do we have a deal?

That's all for now. Have a great day!

Me - with the long hair


ryles said...

first of all.. when you breathe and speak you release carbon dioxide.. not oxygen. We would not need to spare the air if that were the case..

And why is everyone so freakin infatuated with your hair lately???
You hair has been long for like 28 years.. (Well actually.. i have some mullet pictures to prove it hasnt been that long! I bet you cant wait to see those in the wedding video!!)
I wonder why all of a sudden its the topic of conversation..

You need something bigger to happen..
you know like when lindsay lohan goes into rehab and its all they talk about then.. bam.. nichole richie is pregnant and everyone forgot about poor lindsay in rehab??
You need a distraction..
like perhaps a broken arm or something. okay.. maybe not that drastic.

I'll be on a quest to find the perfect come back for.. "Wow.. you're hair is so long.."

may i suggest.. "And getting longer everyday.."
Not as long as it was before i got it trimmed"
ohh.. i know.. how about: "It actually extensions" That would be great.. just to see the look on their face!

oh great.. how am i going to waste my 20% of the day at work tomorrow now????

Mixed Up Me said...

Thank you for clearing up the oxygen mystery. I'll change that right now

Mixed Up Me said...

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Ohhhhhhhh, my head still hurts! I need to go to sleep . . . why am I rambling??

ryles said...

i am not smarter than a 5th grader.
I suck so much at that show.. so i dont watch it because it makes me feel dumb..
but if you want someone to finish the lyrics to "I think we're alone now" .. or you happen to get into a cab in new york and the party lights start going off..
I'm totally the girl you want by your side!

ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOL! Once again you two crack me up. :-)

Maybe next time the response to the hair situation should be, "and your hair, well, uh, it's hair....right?" Or perhaps since they are pointing out the obvious you could simply answer "uh huh".

However, in defense of "them" it's not everyday we see a beautiful woman with long blonde hair past her booty......truly. So it's more of probably a marveling comment--not realizing they are thinking out loud. I suppose a way to avoid such awkward moments would be to cut it and look like everyone else, but why? It's a part of who you are, and fortunately or unfortunately along with it comes the thinking out loud comments. :-)

By the way, did you get your 'letter' from Sharif's? You would have thought I got a letter from the Governor of our great State when I gazed at the envelope for a long while last night. lol

Mixed Up Me said...

I didn't get a letter from Sharif's . . . no fair!!!! I'm actually scared to go visit Sharif because I don't have enough money to make my visit worthwhile! (Everyone is probably thinking, "Hmm, Who is Sharif? Sounds a little fishy to me!") He's a jeweler people . . .get your mind out of the gutter!!!

The Kept Woman said...


I'm going to sit on your site all night and listen to "Get'cha head in the Game"...

It's been dually noted in the past that I have absolutely no social life. No need to rub it in.

Lost-Libyan said...

lol....that was hilarious mixed up me!!!
to tell ya the truth I didnt really get whats going on, but I can smeel a small fuss in the that s what I call fun lol :)



Mixed Up Me said...

Alright, alright MISSY . . . by the time you go back to work on Monday, there will be a new post!!! :)