Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And I quote . . .

I interrupt the regularly scheduled program currently in progress, "Big Day" to bring you an episode of, "Puberty: What Have You Done To My Child? Please Stop! I'm Begging You!"

. . . but first, did I tell you my laptop crashed? Yes, crashed, as in dead, gone, does not even turn on!! I tried to go laptop shopping this past weekend, when it suddenly occurred to me, I don't know a damn thing about computers. Getting a new laptop is really a necessity because the only other computer in the house is the "family" computer located in the loft upstairs. I, however, cannot stand to use that computer because the area surrounding the computer smells like a teenage boy who is so addicted to the computer that he only has time to run the water over his body in the shower, dry off, and put the same clothes on becasue he won't do his laundry. Also, he neglects to put deodorant on and I 'm pretty sure he also neglects to brush his teeth . . . who needs to have nice teeth and smell good anyway when you are incapable of communicating with the outside world?! I am telling you, I have exhausted my supply of febreze to no avail. I am pretty sure the whole area will have to be fumagated once he decides to move. Unfortuantely, I am typing this from that very computer (because he is talking on the phone in his room, which has freed up the computer, but don't EVEN get me started on the phone) and I'm going to have to breath soon, so I need to type faster!

Okay, back to my story . . . .Sunday night Charming Child and I attended the Elly Awards, which described by C.C. is "like the Oscars, only for theater." We had a great time, to say the least. C.C.'s theater took home 16 Elly's out of 49 nominations, the highest number of each. How exciting is that? I thought it was very exciting, and since C.C. usually doesn't do anything unless she knows there is a reward, it was great for her to see that her talents can be recognized.

What a fun night! What a long night! We did not get home until almost midnight, after a four hour awards ceremony. I thought it was worth it, for crying out loud, it only happens once a year!

Then came Monday morning . . . the day started with a stomping tantrum routine performed by the actress herself as she proclaimed, loudly might I add, "I NEED Starbucks! Why won't you get me Starbucks? I'm tired and I have to go to school ALL DAY!"

I offered to make her tea, since it would contain more caffeine than any caffeine free, sugar free drink she would be allowed to have from Starbucks, but she told me that tea wouldn't do any good. I then thanked God for the wonderful teacher she had, and sent her on her way to school, ALL DAY!

ALL DAY ended way too soon, and she was back home performing the same routine she had performed first thing in the morning. I thought the routine was nice . . . it had rhythm, she stomped to the beat of herself screaming, she had talent! And the Elly goes to . . .

Homework turned into a nightmare . . . she couldn't work in her room because she heard a RAT! Then, she couldn't look up her spelling words in the dictionary because it would take too long, and "if I would just tell her what they mean, she wouldn't have to work so hard!" Also, she couldn't do her math because she couldn't remember how to multiply, even though she could do it in class earlier. And, in between all of this nonsense, she had to take a 20 minute intermission every 5 minutes to tell me how much homework she had, and she was never going to finish it because I was making her go to bed at 7:30, and where would she sleep since I would not go find the rat in her room, and on and on and on!

Finally, I explained to her that if she would stop whining, she could get her homework done more quickly . . . to which she responded, AND I QUOTE, "You have been getting on my nerves ALL DAY!"

"Hmmm," I thought, "how ironic!"

Soooo, does anyone want to go to the Elly's with me next year?

P.S. Does anyone out there have the pink Herbal Essences shampoo bottle, Color Me Happy? I only have the conditioner and I want to know the answer to the trivia question "What percent of US women are born blonde?" Also, what is the question that goes with the answer, "hairs on head?"

The regularly scheduled program, "Big Day" will return shortly.


Sarah said...

ROFLOL! I guess we are living in parallel worlds, aren't we??

Save me a couple of those Elly's!!



Um I need to admit I didn't even read 2 lines of the post...then I heard FEELS LIKE HOME! K dog walked me down to the aisle to THAT SONG!
Okay back to the post.

Mixed Up Me said...

That was my sister's wedding song too! I just didn't change the music since the Wedding post since I plan to continue it!

ryles said...

Sounds like you have a little emily on your hands..
Hopefully soon she'll have "medical needs" so you can mark it on the calendar and know when to expect these blow ups!
so i guess the new heathly lifestyle isnt going so well??
maybe it will just take her awhile for the wedding sugar to get out of her system!!!

And thanks Teachbroeck for the song comment!! We really love that song.. we had a friend of ours, who is a recording artist preform it at our ceremony.. (my biggest regret.. not recording the ceremony!!)