Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Before I speak, I have a few things to say!"

Inhale . . . Exhale . . . Inhale . . . .Exhale . . . Inhale . . . Exhale . . . Excuse me while I take the first few breaths I have had time to take in the past few weeks! I have missed my blog so much the past few weeks, but I have only had time to either breathe or blog, so I chose to breathe!!
Back in April I posted about Charming Child preparing for her BIG audition, which by the way she completely freaked out about when we got to the audition and didn't audition for any lead parts, I digress . . . well, it is now the middle of June (Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there) and we have just completed half of the nine show run of the musical Spyquest:An Agent 006 1/2 Adventure, presented by El Dorado Musical Theatre. So, I am now breathing because I have a three day break from singing and dancing and backstage monitoring!! We will be doing our last four shows next week, with closing night on June 23. (Don't you just love how I say "we" as if I'm on stage singing and dancing my little behind off like the kids??!!)

I have spent a lot of time lately questioning the decision to let Charming Child sign up for this musical . . . it has been a lot of work, from driving back and forth to and from rehearsals, to volunteering my time to fill various volunteer positions to help the show run smoothly, but now that I have seen the final result of all of the hard work, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

This truly has been an experience of a lifetime . . . Charming Child has met a lot of great children, I have made a lot of new friends, CC has gained a great deal of confidence in herself, and most of all she has had fun while learning responsibility. To top it off, the show is absolutely fabulous!!!! El Dorado Musical Theatre is most definitely, as their motto states, "Youth theatre at its best!"
I am going to end with some photos of the children (that are seriously in no particular order because I think it is less painful to get a root canal with no anesthesia than to post pictures with blogger, so since I am still trying to catch my breath, I will just be happy that I got them to post and not worry about putting them in the right order), some onstage, but mostly backstage fun . . . . (By the way, the title of this post is one of my favorite lines from the musical . . . this line is spoken by the evil Dr. Malaprop when he is stating his plan to rid the world of coffee.)

Charming Child and her friend backstage before opening night.
(Magically, her shirt and headband actually appear to match when she is onstage . . . oh the wonderful world of Hollywood tricks!!)

Charming Child hanging out in the dressing room, exhausted as can be!!

Charming Child and the Phenomenal female lead!

Onstage . . .

Listening intently to the Director's lecture . . . notice how intently the boy in the yellow and green is listening.
Charming Child and her first bouquet of flowers from fans . . . Thank you Ibeebarbie and family!


ibeebarbie said...

What a FANTASTIC show. We had such a great time, and talked about it for the remainder of the day.

Sooooooooooooo proud of Charming Child for her performance. Sooooooooo proud of you for chosing to continue to breath. ;-) We couldn't be without YOU.

ryles said...

honestly... i didnt even recognize her.. that first picture i thought.. "who's that?"
She looks really pretty.
I'm glad you guys have had fun.. and im even more glad you get a break!
Make sure she doesnt forget everything in those non play days!!! :)

Mixed Up Me said...

She has been reciting different parts of the play since we got home yesterday, so I don't think she'll forget. The kids, though, have not seen the play in it's entirety because they have to be backstage if they are not in a scene. It will be fun to watch the video with her because she doesn't understand why the audience laughs at certain parts.