Monday, June 25, 2007

The Final Curtain Has Closed . . .

. . . so, I will leave you with more show pictures while I go find a damn box!!! Oh wait, first I need your help . . . look at the picture below . . . Does anyone out there know how that orange paint got on the floor right inside the door of CC's room, since paint is not allowed in the house due to the spot of blue paint inside CC's room, because not one person in my house has a freakin' clue how that paint got on the floor?? Please help me solve the mystery!!!!!

Okay, now for the show pictures . . . Enjoy!

Charming Child and a friend from school.

Friends and Cousins and Castmates, oh my!!

More flowers!

CC giving an autograph to a fan (her cousin!)

CC, Aunties, and Cousin, all facing the sun!

Final Cast Call

Pumped up and ready to go . . . one last time!

Unauthorized, blurry stage shot during the final performance! Charming Child is the orange blur behind the right hand of the blue blur on the floor towards the center of the picture!

Unauthorized, not-so-blurry stage shot. Don't spend a lot of time looking for CC . . . she wasn't in this scene!

Final, unauthorized, blurry stage shot . . . (CC wasn't in this scene either.)

Soooooo, any clue on how the orange paint got on the floor???? Stay tuned . . . Little Sis' Dogsitting Misadventures Coming Soon!
P.S. Why do all of these pictures look all perfectly spaced apart and the captions are all perfectly centered to the right of the picture in the preview, then when I hit "Publish" they get all screwed up???!!! THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY TO POST PICTURES!!! Sharing our lives with strangers on the web should not be this difficult!!!


ryles said...

I'm glad to see your computer didnt get thrown through the wall last night. and by the way. no one really cares if your pictures are perfectly spaced. i wouldnt have even noticed if you hadnt said something!!!

AND... are you sure its paint? could it have been from the poster making??? i cant remember any orange in the poster.. but maybe.....

Thanks for the pics... cant wait for the DVD!!! :)

ibeebarbie said...

Is the orange paint on the floor really a vision of Jesus? It might be just me, but Jesus seems to show up everywhere.
(Please others don't be offended by the use of offense literally intended.)