Monday, June 11, 2007

Thank Goodness for Science on a Dark Night . . .

The school year is coming to a close in a few short days. I don't know about the rest of you out there who run your life based on a school year, but this "year", for me, seemed to fly by!

Charming Child completed her final Science test of the year the other day and passed with a 97%!! Hooray!! While looking over her test, I found the following note on the back (I am copying it just as I am reading it, except of course for the names)

Dear Mrs. Science Teacher,

What I like about Science is that I learn stuff I would not know without Science. Also it is fun and it will come in handy sometime when the powers goes out I will know how to wire a lightbulb.

Something I would like to be changed is that when we are wachting movies I think we shouldn't have to write because we miss stuff because we are writing and remember stuff more when I just focuse on that. Please take some of my changes in to conciteration.

From, Charming Child

Imagine my relief when I put two and two together and realized that when she asked for covered wire and a D-Cell battery the other day, that she just simply wanted to wire a lightbulb and not, well you know, do away with anything, like the house for example!! I love school!!

Have a great day!



YHEA for summer time....I am teaching summer school already...we get ZERO spring break though...the house projects are a rockin and the tans are sprucing up!

ibeebarbie said...

Does this mean I need to do a security check before CC enters our home? ;-) As much as I'd appreciate the concerted effort on her party to be handy, I'll stick with Steve the Handy-Guy for repairs. :-)