Friday, June 22, 2007

Does anyone have a box to donate before I lose my ever-loving mind??!!

Tomorrow the nine show run of Spyquest will close . . . oh, what will I do with my time? Quite possibly, I may finally write the posts I've been saving in my head (which is swiftly running out of room.) You'll want to return as I have so much to tell you about Little Sis and her trip to California to dog sit Mom and Dad's beloved dog! Trust me, you'll want to stick around for that story!!

For now, I just thought I would share this bedtime conversation that took place the other night at midnight. Yes, midnight!! I have no idea why the child was still up at midnight, all I know is she came in my room at midnight and interrupted an episode of The Cosby Show to have this conversation with me, all while she is halfway hyperventilating and stretching her skin from her forehead down to her chin all for dramatic effect:

CC: I have so much to do . . . I have to clean my room and get rid of all of the babyish stuff even though I still like to play with it I have to get rid of all of it so I have more room in my bedroom!

Me: Okay

CC: What should I do? I have to get rid of all of the babyish toys even though I still like to play with them I have to get rid of them! (Still hyperventilating)

Me: I think you should go to bed and think about it while you sleep.

CC: Just tell me what to do. I can't sleep because I have to clean my room and get rid of all of the babyish stuff even though I still like to play with it!


(She stomps off to bed)

Fast forward five minutes . . .

CC: Can I take the bookshelf out of my closet and put it under my window so I have more room in my closet?

Me: Sure, but I am not going to help you until after Sunday.

CC: I don't need help, but what should I do with all of the old kiddie books that I don't read anymore?

Me: I don't know, I told you I wasn't going to deal with this until after Sunday.

CC: But where do you want me to put all of the old books, do you want to save them?

Me: I really don't have the brain for this right now, can we please talk about this on Sunday?

CC: You don't need to have a brain, just tell me, do you want me to box them up so you can save them?


CC: I don't have a box.


ibeebarbie said...

Well first how dare she interrupt The Cosby Show---would be like interrupting Golden Girls for me-----a grave sin at best.

Second, how did you seemingly control your tongue? I have such a way of snapping and using such colorful expletives that I’m sure are not appropriate for building a 3 year olds vocabulary. ;-)

Why the sudden need to get rid of babyish toys if still wanting to play with them?

ryles said...

Could it be that she thought the Em was way more mature and she doesnt want to have baby stuff anymore?

By the way.. she would be sorely mistaken.. but i could see how a 13 year old would seem mature to her!!

Can't wait for the rest of the stories.. by the way.. the blisters have healed.. and so has my pillow! :)