Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bite With Extreme Caution

Martha Stewart came to my house today in the form of my child . . . she made dessert. It was very thoughtful of her, and the recipe was quite imaginative.

While Martha was here, she concocted an ice cream cone with melted chocolate chips at the bottom, then added marshmallows. Next she added a chocolate dipped strawberry and poured melted chocolate chips over the top. Finally, she garnished the entire dessert with four marshmallows. I was very happy with her work, and she was equally as happy!

She delivered my cone to me and said, "Be careful where you bite, I didn't take the green thing off of the strawberry because I wouldn't have had anything to hold when I dipped it if I took it off."
Ummm okay, so maybe it wasn't Martha after all, but at least she cleaned up her mess, which is a miracle in itself!


ryles said...

hmmmmm... very interesting loooking.. wonder what made her do something like that..
then again... do we ever really know what makes her do things???

ibeebarbie said...

Well I think it might be beyong Martha Stewart because leaving the green stem would then make it "organic", wouldn't it?


Awwwwwwww what a "sweetie" ...get it SWEET? Okay I have nothing witty today!!!