Saturday, July 14, 2007

Two Months, But Who's Counting . . . AKA 'Houston, Do We Have A Dress Yet?'

In just two months from today, Little Sis will be getting married, so I am writing today as a subtle reminder to her to PICK OUT A DRESS! Any subliminal messages (did you decide on a dress yet?) she receives while reading this post are merely coincidence (only two months)!! Come to think of it, (which dress are you going to choose?) I have not heard any mention of what Mr. Groom is going to wear (did you pick a dress?) so I hope it has crossed their minds that he should be dressed at the blessed event as well.

So, Little Sis, in TWO MONTHS, the two of you will be joined together forever, and you will look beautiful in your DRESS, and he will look handsome in whatever he wears, which hopefully will be something, and all of the napkins will be put to good use, especially if you spill something on your DRESS, and the candles will come in handy if we happen to lose electricity, because we all want to be able to still see your DRESS, and the chocolate, well in TWO MONTHS and one day, you can spill all of the chocolate all over your DRESS because you won't need to wear it again!! (Have you decided on a dress yet?)
I love you guys!!


Lost-Libyan said...

how thoughtful of u!! well, I wish them happiness and all the best for the new newly-weds :P..
weddings can be so stressful especially in the arab countries, we start preparing six months ahead! :P

ryles said...

i hate that last engagement picture you posted...

everyone loves that one and i gag everytime i see it...

but i do reallly love that first one!!! so i guess you made up for it.

And... i will have a dress decision by the end of the week.. im really really close..

I'm just a little worried. cause i've been loosing like 3 pounds a week lately and i dont want to buy a dress too early and have it be too big.. but i guess i can always get it altered!!

seriously.. the dress.. not even the worst part..
the addresses are HORRIBLE!!!

it has been the biggest stress of the whole wedding so far.. they are so hard to get all together..

Not only that, but the list im working of off is his sisters address list.. so there is a good chance some of her friends, or her fiances family will get an invite from us! Hope the send a gift! :)

oh... by the way... he is wearing a suit.. we went and got his ring saturday and were supposed to go suit shopping.. but he "just didnt feel like trying things on.."
so.. i told him it just has to be done this week.. so to start preparing..

ibeebarbie said...

LOL - Well at least we know Ryles is able to get Mr. to wear an outfit. I have no doubt she'll be able to pick that one out right away.

Good luck Ryles selecting your dress. I have no doubt you'll look fabulous.

Isn't anyone doing gift check at the door. Oh yeah! Charming Child - so have no fear that if there's guest you hadn't planned on inviting she'll get the gifts off the Well Fargo registry list for you before letting them in.

By the way, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the first picture.