Sunday, April 15, 2007

Damn Cat

Charming Child has a cat, Keissa, who, up until today, has been living with a very not-so-nice, psychotic, narcissistic (need I say more?) individual. We were finally able to get an auntie to take Keissa so she could have a better home, as we are not able to have her because Tata (Grandma) has some serious allergy issues.

So, Charming Child and I drove Keissa to meet Auntie M today . . . We told Keissa the whole way there (while she was kitty screaming) what a great life she was going to have with Auntie M, and we would come visit her, blah, blah, blah (yes, we do think we are Dr. Dolittle, don't you have conversations with your pets?)

Charming Child rattles on to Auntie M all of the "rules" for Keissa, Auntie M listens patiently, I think, "Can't we find a Starbucks?", Keissa thinks, "Can I just go home so I can use the litter box?"

Finally, Charming Child says, "You know Auntie, since I haven't been to visit Keissa in awhile, and I'm sorry to say this bad word, but she might only answer to 'Damn Cat', so you might have to retrain her to answer to her real name."

It was then I knew, Keissa was on her way to a far better life . . . Thank You Auntie M, we love you!!


Dream Mommy said...

hahaha, too funny. Sounds like my crazy cat.


SO funny since it came from a child's mouth.

Sarah said...

I lov eyour blog... just found you after you commented on Sophie~Bug's CB page. I think I will have to bookmark you... love all your conversations with Charming Child!!!

BTW... my step-grandparents once had a dog really named "Damnit"... imagine that coming out of a young child's mouth in front of strangers - LOL!!

Love and FROG!


Diane said...

Well, I think I am with you on "Can't we find a Starbucks.." I miss these stories playing out in real life... Soon this will all be real again. Thank God for people like Auntie M and for our animals with patience, God knows sometimes I need more. Ok more often than not.