Thursday, April 19, 2007

Next time I'll just buy a blender . . .

I have a beautiful, younger sister whom I love and adore, and I’m not just saying that because I know she’ll read this, I really do love her . . . except for the last few weeks when I have loved and adored her slightly less than usual.

You see, Little Sis is getting married soon, which is a stressful time in a young woman’s life anyway, but take the fact that Little Sis cannot make a decision to save her life, and that just takes the level of stress to a whole new level. I’m talking about CANNOT make a decision . . .this is the girl who will go to a restaurant that she frequents, ask the waiter or waitress ten million questions about the menu, then in the end, order the same thing she always orders because she can’t decide!! (Love you, Little Sis!)

Little Sis has graciously given one of her soon-to-be- sister-in-laws and Charming Child (who are both about the same age) a special part in the wedding. She wants them to feel as if they are personally involved in the festivities, she wants them to feel special, but mostly, I think, she wants them to stay out of her hair on the Big Day!! Since she has graciously given the girls this opportunity, I agreed to buy their dresses and accessories as my contribution to the wedding expenses . . . LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Little Sis and I have spent the past few weeks scanning the globe, via the internet, for dresses for these girls. We have looked from Antarctica to Australia, North America to Asia, you name it, we have been there! Yes, we found several dresses, finding them wasn’t the problem . . . See paragraph 2! (Love you, Little Sis!)

We found dresses that were “too short,” “too white,” “too red,” “too puffy,” “not fancy enough,” we even found a dress that looked “too much like the inside of a coffin!” At one point she decided it might be easier to dress the girls up in a black garbage bag and tie a red ribbon around their waist, and I have to admit, that idea didn’t seem so bad!!

We finally had it narrowed down to three dresses, so I sent out a poll to all of my friends begging them to vote on their favorite dress in an effort to save my sanity and salvage the sisterly relationship! Then,Little Sis even started disguising her emails to me when she would send me MORE pictures of dresses to look at! Just the other day, after the poll results had been received, tallied, and reported, she sent me an email and in the subject line was “Re:Bathroom Humor” so I opened it up, laughed at the funny bathroom joke, then scrolled down to the bottom, you know the place you go when you are so nosy and you want to see where the email originated and how many continents it had crossed before making it to you . . . and there they were, TWO MORE PICTURES OF DRESSES!!!

So, to make a long story short, well I guess it’s too late for that now, but anyway, the dresses have been ordered! By the grace of God, the dresses HAVE BEEN ORDERED!!!!

I think next time someone else gets married, I’ll just buy them a blender!


ryles said...

Okay.. just so you all know.. I am just as annoyed with myself as everyone else.. SERIOUSLY! A coffin.. yea.. i actually complained about that! but in my defense..
it really does look like the inside of a coffin! Right??
(sorry.. not smart enough to figure out how to post a pic!)
It didn't ever help, that i tried to get as many different points of views as possible. Which.. just for the record. Not the best idea ever.. different people mean different ideas. Everyone liked something different.. not making my decision any easier. infact harder.
Right when i finally had the perfect dress picked out. My future sister-in-law (an older one.. not the one who im getting the dress for in the first place)
oh.. by the way.. i really really love her and dont know what i would do without her right now..
but she says.. do you really think that will match well with the flower girl dress?? DUH!! how could i not realize that.. so we started the search over again..
Sooo.. does "THE" dress match the flower girl dresses any better?? NOPE! not really.. but i am so done dress shoping.. i havent even thought about my own dress yet.. geez!
Oh..then get this.. the lady we are ordering the dresses from.. seriously asks me.. "What color black did you want these dresses made in?" It took me 2 months of serching non stop for the quote-un quote perfect dress.. and now she asks me what color black? We'll just leave that up to her! :)
Thanks for sharing our pain with us!
Hopefully you will look forward to lots more of these.. Did i mention I'm making my own wedding cake??
Ha! That oughta be a good one.. stay tuned!

My sister.. being the english major she is.. is so going to kill me for all of my spelling mistakes.. just so you know!

Mixed Up Me said...

I didn't see any spelling mistakes . . .just so you know!

Mixed Up Me said...

Okay, I found one, but I'll let it slide because THE DRESSES HAVE BEEN ORDERED!!

ibeebarbie said...

Ok Ryles,
I have to agree with you 100% on the coffin dress. I never saw that picture as one of my voting options and THANK GOD! Weddings are supposed to be a joyful uplifting occasion rather than a Morticia from the Addams Family look a-like contest. Although I suppose on some levels that could be quite funny, thus resulting in a joyful experience. Anyway, I digress.

Being a previous bride myself, I certainly understand the undue stress we as brides put upon ourselves, thus driving everyone around us crazy or into a state of lost and don’t want to be found mode.

Certainly there are no words I could offer that would change the direction in which every bride strives for, which is for their wedding day to be perfect. But, if you would be so kind and humor me for just a minute, I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Perfection is merely a state within one’s mind and does not exist in reality. For as one person may feel their experience was flawless, the others that participated in that same experience do not perceive it as such. Moreover, the more focused or narrowed we become in our viewpoint of how things should be, the greater the chance we create for failure and disappointment. So, if I were to be a bride again, and for those that know that I do desire to be again one day---remind me of this, I would suggest deciding what is most important and personal to you on this eventful day. For truly, it is just ONE day of your life, and not one that should define who you are forever after.

Have you been a guest at a wedding? What did you remember most about that wedding?

For me, I haven’t attended that many weddings, however, the theme rang true with all the ones that I did attend and that was one of happiness. Just experiencing and see the parties get married and celebrating their momentous occasion with them stays with me more than what type or if they had flowers, what were people wearing, what song was sung, what was their first dance, what food was served, etc. It obviously didn’t matter because the focal point was sharing and celebrating the newly married couples special day with them. So, if you want others attending your special day to walk away feeling uplifted and joyful, then show them that both you and your soon to be husband are enjoying one another, period. And if the decorations and food mean that much for you to have folks remember your day, then throw some field flowers in a jelly jar, place buckets of KFC in the middle of the tables with, of course, those little wet-wipes, cute little Dixie cups to serve sparkling apple soda from the Dollar store (as Martinelli’s can get costly depending on the size of your guest list), and pass around ding-dongs as a tasty sweet treat.

Bottom line – enjoy feeling very special THAT day, as the rest is just extra.


Off da! Check it off the list...and I am littel tired form the reading the long comments so that's all I got!