Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Lesson?

I get to pick up Charming Child's Easter pictures today!! Yes, I know Easter was nearly two weeks ago, but if you knew what a feat it is for me to actually have the pictures TAKEN before Easter, you too would be proud of me. On that note, I'm doing quite well lately, because I actually had Christmas pictures taken before Christmas this year too!! Hooray for me!

So, let me explain . . . Each year I make plans to have holiday pictures taken at least for Easter and Christmas, but some years it is a little more difficult for me to actually accomplish this task before the holiday comes and goes. The best year was when I had Easter and Christmas pictures taken on the same day, in April, after both Easter and Christmas!! (Those of you that received these pictures, I guess I have just blown my cover! Well, I guess admittance is the first step . . .)

Before Charming Child's brother, let's just call him "Too Smart for His Own Britches", became all teenager-y and decided he was too cute to have pictures taken with his little sister, his Mom and I used to plan to take the children at least twice a year for pictures together. One year, you know the year of double pictures in one day, we just could not get our schedules to match to where we had time to get Christmas pictures, or Easter pictures, but then it happened . . . we finally had a free afternoon, so we marched both of the happy little children to the portrait studio and had their pictures taken! First in their Christmas clothes, hair in a headband for Charming Child; then, their Easter clothes, hair up in a bow! It worked out great, we were so proud of ourselves for coming up with this solution, although we promised it would be the last time we did this! The pictures turned out beautiful, with not one indication that they were taken on the same day, except that "Too Smart for His Own Britches" had the exact same haircut because he refused to let me shave it a bit so we could make sure everyone knew the pictures were taken on two separate occasions!!

To top it off, when I sent the pictures to Auntie in Egypt, I enclosed the following note:

Dear Auntie,

I am sending the Easter pictures and Christmas pictures of the kids. I am sorry the Christmas pictures are a few months late . . . apparently I put the wrong address on the envelope when I originally sent them and they were returned to me. I hope you enjoy them!

To which she replied by email, "Thank you so much for the pictures! Of course they are beautiful. I know that I can always count on you to make sure I have the latest pictures of the children."

I guess she got that right!!

So, as you can see, it is very exciting for me to know that I had Easter pictures TAKEN before Easter, minus the cranky teenager-y boy who just turned 18 and will probably never allow me to take him to have his picture taken with his sister again, which is why I cherish every picture I do have, late or not!
By the way, for all of you that have been dreadfully worried about my lobsteresque burn, it has turned in to a nice tan with minimal peeling . . . so with that said, I am off to the tanning salon!

Oh, I'm sorry were you trying to say something? Speak up please, I didn't hear you.

Oh yes, I hear you now, but what lesson??

Have a great day!!



ohh laa laa will you be postin any of the pics....and if I follow right Charming Child and 18 year old have same dad?
Aunt in Eygpt? TOO COOL~

Mixed Up Me said...

Same dad, yes. Dad is from Egypt. I think I will post some . . .I am new to this blog thing, so I have been a little leary, but I think it will be okay because I don't use any names. I may even post the Christmas/Easter pictures that were taken on the same day :) I should actually do a tribute post to all of the brother/sister pictures since we probably won't be geting anymore (well, at least professional)

Have a great day!


I see! I get wierded out too. I figure if they really want me there is more info on the WWW than on my blog...and really who wants a chubby midwestern school teacher hee hee. I don't use names either, but I love pics so much I go a little crazy. My bog is not very frequented like the big names, so I guess I feel ok.

Shorney Slowsky said...

crazy life you got there but it sounds fun. I thought only people in my state went tanning. where is all you sun at? I usually only get burned or real tan when I get to visit my happy childhood place but I have ventured to the tanning salon here and there. I have to say the tender areas are a big pain if you don't cover them... but I guess you know this now. LOL. Have a great day! :)