Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Simplicity of a Child

This is what happens when you run out of radio signals while travelling: a)stop and have satellite radio installed, or b)

Me: Okay, you are in charge of reading the directions. So, we're on I80, what do we do next?
Charming Child: We're on I80, okay let me see, Margie CA 37 to San Rafael.
Me: Margie CA 37?
Charming Child: Yep, that's what I've got here !
Me: Does it say what she looks like?
Charming Child: Let me see . . . NO.
Me: Does it say what do do when we find her?
Charming Child: No.
Me: How are we supposed to know when we've found her?
Charming Child: Found who?
Me: Margie.
Charming Child: Let me look again . . . Mergie CA 37 to San Rafael.
Me: Mergie?
Charming Child: Yep.
Me: (Needing to know what to do as CA 37 is mere miles away, and therefore cannot continue to play this little game) I think it says Merge.
Charming Child: Does M-E-R-G-E spell merge?
Me: Yes
Charming Child: Okay, then merge CA 37 to San Rafael. What does merge mean?
Me: It means to get over
Charming Child: Well, why don't they just put 'get over'?

Note to Mapquest:

Dear Mapquest,

When writing driving directions for trips over 100 miles, whereas you know that it is likely the vehicle will travel out of radio signal range for any recognizable stations and my dad won't fix the cd player because he says he doesn't know how, please use words that a child can understand so the parents can use your directions as a way of entertaining the children.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Charming Child

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malekdiva said...

this charming child sounds relly intersting she must be funny i would love to have such a intertaning child