Thursday, May 31, 2007

Almost NOT Class of 2007!

As I mentioned before, Too Smart graduated form high school this past Saturday. It was a bittersweet graduation that almost wasn't . . . Mr. Too Smart who has always been the top of his class, since Kindergarten, who at the age of nine aspired to attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to become a computer engineer (even though he has limited usage of the household computers because he crashes them every time he touches them, but I digress), who has tested Post High School on his Standardized tests since Fourth Grade . . .
. . . who this year decided that doing homework wasn't important when you think you are invincible, and who also decided that since his Mom spends so much money on his education, they have to let him graduate (whoever the heck They is), who also got a girlfriend and a group of friends who leave a lot to be desired, who decided it was fun to be disrespectful to his parents and still expect to get his way, because once again, he is invincible . . . need I continue?
It wasn't until Monday of last week when we got the email from his counselor that he was indeed going to graduate . . .so the day was a bit bittersweet. The hardest part, for me anyway, was listening to all of the accomplishments of the graduates who had earned high honors and awards, and were off to great colleges, knowing Mr. Too Smart could have been one of them. Unfortunately his choices created a life lesson for himself, learned the hard way, in my opinion. Nonetheless, he graduated and we love him, most of the time, except when he lies to all of us about who is supposed to pick him up because at the age of 18 he still has no desire to get his driver's license, and who I believe to be the only 18 year old on the face of this planet who has a car already, yet still has no desire to get a driver's license!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I guess he expects his Mommy to drive him to college next year, oh wait, he may not be attending college next year, not even a Junior College, because he has not taken the time to register . . .Okay, let me stop now, because I could go on and on and on!
I'll end with some pictures of the day . . . his step-dad took great pictures because he got up close and personal to the stage while I sat in my seat blubbering over the speeches, especially the one given by the Valedictorian who graduated with an Honors GPA of 4.87 . . . I literally almost fell over the balcony when I heard that - Way to go! Until I get the CD of the good pictures, you'll have to bear with mine . . Enjoy!

Here is the backdrop of the stage that I just had
to get a picture of, blurry or not, so we could all remember for the rest of our lives where all of the money went for the past four years!

Here is the sea of red . . . he's in there somewhere!

Here they are . . . Charming Child is proud of her big brother no matter what, and in this picture she is thinking, "Please hurry because I need to get home before he does, if he's coming over, so I can put his DVD player back in his room, so he doesn't beat me up!"

The above picture was supposed to post over to the left so there would be a pattern, but it didn't, and blogger is really getting on my nerves, so this will be the last picture today . . . Me, the blubbering maniac, and Mr. Too Smart, wondering if I'll drive him to Grad Night, and possibly pay for it too, since he didn't register on time!!
(Does anyone have any suggestions for chin exercises? If so, email me!)


ibeebarbie said...

Well now we all have proof that Too Smart made it! Woooooohooooo! Nice pic by the way. ;-) No need for chin exercises silly.

I wonder if all the family members that drive Too Smart around got really junkie, barely running vehicles to just transport him to and fro would light a little fire under him?

You know we can take the same approach the majority always takes and point the finger at someone other than Too Smart for the way he is now. I say the unsightly girlfriend. :-P (Oooops, did I say that?)

Mixed Up Me said...

I have all of my fingers pointed at different individuals, even a few at me . . . The bottom line however is, he is a big boy now and it's either sink or swim!! This has been a big wake-up call for me though, and CC is seeing a change in the way things are done as a result, although she has always been more motivated than her brother!

I neglected to post a picture of the girlfriend!

ibeebarbie said...

Neglected? Or merely saved the blog community?

Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm such a brat.

Mixed Up Me said...
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Mixed Up Me said...

I actually was going to post a picture of the two little hoodlums, but blogger was seriously getting on my last nerve . . .I thought it was much more important to post the 'Sea of Red' rather than the girlfriend. Okay, truth is, I may have been trying to save the blogging world from the sight of the girlfriend, but I don't want that in writing! :)

How's your weekend? I'm still feeling like crap, and May is over . . .I hope it passes soon, it has been a rough few months, healthwise.

CC and I had pictures taken today, after her Cast Photos . . . Oh my goodness (as Amira would say) they are too (as in "very") cute!

Talk to you soon, miss you!