Monday, May 14, 2007

Love, The Girl Who Relly Appreciates You

I hope that all of the mom's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day! My day was pretty laid-back (until Little Sis emailed and text messaged with a wedding crisis) Okay, the crisis wasn't that bad, she just needed to be calmed down, however, by the time I received the text message that said to disregard the email, then read the email I was supposed to disregard, then call her, she had already calmed herself down . . . crisis averted!! So anyway, I digress yet again . . . the day was pretty laid back . . . went to breakfast with Mom, drove with her downtown so she knew where to report for jury duty today, managed to get out of going to Ikea with her, but did have to endure some crazy sporting goods store so she could get something for her beloved dog. We then gave her a Mother's Day gift, which was a pair of new slippers to replace the pair that her beloved dog chewed one of . . . so Little Sis and I spent a pretty penny on these fancy-smancy Cabela's slippers, fleece lined suede with hard soles, you know almost like Ugg boots, and she opened them and turned to her beloved dog and said, "Thank you Jackson, Mama likes her new slippers!" Then turned to me and said, "I only needed one!" I then informed her that 1)The slippers weren't from Jackson, the squeaky toy in her face at 7:00 a.m was, and 2) You can't just buy one slipper!!!!!

Now, back to the beginning of the day . . . I was also asked to wake up quite early in the morning by having presents shoved in my face, and if you know me, you know to not mess with me in the morning . . . apparently that slipped Charming Child's ever precious little mind!! Charming Child gave me a hand-painted paper mache` cup and saucer, that I have been informed I cannot drink my coffee in (which is not very helpful so early in the morning), and this beautiful, hand-painted portrait of me (for all of you who have been wondering what I look like!)

Attached to this lovely painting was this (Ryles and Ibeebarbie, make sure you are seated!). . .
You are careing because you take care of me no matter what.
You are funny because you always do something without thinking.
You do your very best to take care of me and you always help everybody. You try to make everybody happy. You drive me everywhere I need to be.
I need you to no I love you.
I hope this makes you feel great because you make me feel great everyday.
Love, The Girl who relly appreciates you
Charming Child
After I read this letter, I took a few moments to enjoy the sweetness of its contents, then I promptly informed her that the next time she screams at me, I am going to read this to her, over and over and over again!! (Okay, as a teacher I just have to know, how does one charming 10 year old know how to spell "appreciate" and not "really"?! I mean, come on, it's one of the 100 Frequency Words that she should have been taught since First Grade!! Oh nevermind, who cares!)
Here's to hoping all of the Mom's out there had a fabulous day and have a wonderful year!!


ibeebarbie said...

Well, well, well! Loverly! :0)

I'm surprised at many aspects of this post 1-mom thinking Jackson could afford Cabela's slippers, 2-mom thinking you could only get one, 3-dragging you to a sporting goods store, 4-you going rather than driving to Starbucks until shopping sprea was done, 5-Charming Child risking her own life for the sake of giving you a gift so early in the morning, but most of all 6-the attention to detail in the picture. Bravo Charming Child! Of course the cup wasn't nearly tall enough to the capture the full beauty of your hair. :o)
Happy Mother's Day!


Cute picture....a framer for sure!!! Love some else who uses "high frequency words" in a post!

ryles said...

i wonder if her teacher wrote nice things on the board that you would say to someone that loves you???
Maybe you should put that picutre on Ebay.. maybe she's a child genius..ohh. i know you could put that your elephant drew it!
funny how she made your eye's so big.. since you really dont have big eyes. and maybe she was trying to make it look like your hair was behind you since she couldnt put the full length of the hair.
but i love that she captured the famous necklace.
its interesting to see the things that kids notice about you.
i hope you keep it close so you can read it to her upon the next fit..
i suggest copying it into a credit card size so you can carry it always!
by the way.. thought you would elobrate a little more on my temper tantrum!
I'm going tonight to try on dresses for the first time.. wish me luck. i feel a like its a little bit like trying on bathing suits infront of 20 people.. im a little nervous!
by the way... mom called me last night and i couldnt even hear a word she was saying because that dog was squeaking his squeaky toy so much..and all she kept saying was.. isnt it so cute? although i could hardly hear her say that..
so maybe that isnt what she was saying at all!! :)

cofman said...

here friend:
click & send

cofman said...

Thanks for your care,
To answer your sent message, my response in my page really wasn’t related to anything you, or anyone in particular said …, you may have noticed; sometimes when we, libyans, talk; we talk in an indirect way … for many reasons … some valid, some imagined …it is understandable that someone like you may not see the full picture,
enjoy your day & thanks for your thoughtfulness

ibeebarbie said...

LOL@Ryles comment "I love that she captured the famous necklace". Good one.

Mixed Up Me said...

I think you guys are talking about the famous heart necklace, but did you notice the eye necklace too??

Sarah said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day! I love the gift that CC gave you!!

I have a few of those letters stashed away in my bedroom too!! I can refer to them and remind myself that I love my children no matter what... even when I have to go bolt myself in and chant to myself that mothers are not supposed to wring the neck of their own children when they are being not so charming! LOL

Thanks for checking in on my Sophie~Bug!!

ryles said...

i only noticed the eye one after i click on the picture to view it in its full beauty.
since when do you wear little clip in the front of your hair???
or is the a highlight on the left side? i love how you only have brown on one side too! oh..and nice earings!!!!!

ibeebarbie said...

LOL@Ryles! You are cracking me up! Are those clippies or are those eyebrows?

However, as MixedUpMe pointed out to me yesterday--she was very pleased with the tan. :o)