Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Don't Need a Disposable Toothbrush . . .

Yesterday I had the worst headache . . . it just refused to go away!! At first I thought maybe I needed a caffeine fix, so I trekked on over to Starbucks (one without the major bling episode going on 24 hours a day, every damn day!) and ordered my Iced Grande Extra Ice White Mocha, drank it like a crazy woman, and still had a headache!! Come to think of it, maybe the coffee didn't work because I drank it too fast, hmmm, oh well. Next, I decided that I needed Tylenol desperately, but I was nowhere near my house where I have the Costco sized bottle in the bathroom, so, for the very first time in my entire life (that I can remember) I stopped at a gas station to buy Tylenol!! I have no idea why I think this is a big deal . . . probably for the same reason I get all crazy when I have to use a public restroom because I am too far from home and don't have a change of clothes!

So, I walk into the little convenience store and look around the front wall where they keep all of the drugs, and all I could see was disposable toothbrushes, band-aids and neosporin, and miniature sewing kits . . . oh the horror, I finally get up enough courage to buy Tylenol from the gas station and they don't even have any, and my head is hurting, bad!! I turn to walk out, and there, beside the door, was a whole wall of Pain Relievers . . . I let out a huge sigh of relief, which caused the clerk to look at me, so I went on to tell him all about my headache, because you know, he didn't have anything better to do than listen to me complain! Finally, I had Tylenol, and it even came with a "convenient travel cup" which was basically a small envelope for which one is supposed to pour water in . .. if only I had water!!!!!!!!!

On a side note, I bought myself a pair of sandals yesterday, because I really needed them as much as I really need a hole in my head. Anyway, my sandals are called "Bling!" Now I can wear them everyday to Starbucks!!

Ryles, what did you do for the first time yesterday? Please tell . . .


ryles said...

You must be alluding to my IKEA day!!!!
You see.. IKEA is a huge deal in my part of the world. Yesterday the first ikea within 600 miles opened 3 miles from my house!!!
My future sister in law.. (an older one.. i realize we talk about a thousand future sister in-laws. but i will have 3! now i am talking about the oldest one!)
Anyway, she has been to another IKEA and so have I. We were soooo excited to finally get our very own. For a year we have been planning out to sleep there for a week and be the first one in line. Only problem.. she has 3 kids under 3 years old. Not really the best circumstances to spend a week in the parking lot of IKEA. So Tuesday morning (the day before it opens) We decide we're going to spend the night.. WITHOUT THE KIDS! which i think might be the only reason she wanted to. A night without the kids is worth sleeping in 30 degree weather on the concrete to her.. i'm pretty sure!
So Tuesday night we packed everything up and headed down there. She ended up being number 59! The top 100 got a free chair and the coolest T-Shirt that said "I slept with IKEA"
Only problem was, once you are in line, you can't leave. They do a check to make sure you are there like every hour. So we were a little stuck. Because of work, i didnt show up till a little later and didnt make it in the top 100. But i still made it.
We were camped next to a few really nice ladies from my home town. So we had a blast. When we finally couldnt feel our toes or fingers or noses, at about 1am we decided to go to bed. Thinking that would help us get warm.
Have you ever slept in a tent, in the middle of a parking lot under the big lights? Its pretty much like day light!! Just try sleeping in day light, in 30 degrees in the middle of a parking lot with crazed IKEA fans all around you.. Not easy. So we pretty much didnt sleep.
6am rolled around and they nicely woke us up with some really loud music over the loud speakers. And made us get out of our tents to get the first give away, An IKEA water bottle! WOHOO!!
We had to be packed up by 7am, and then they seperated the top 100 and the rest of us. I was the very first person in line! It was pretty cool! They came around every 30 minutes or so with other IKEA trinkets.. I got a bumper sticker.. a pocket screwdriver, a compass, and seed packet.. and my favorite.. an IKEA rubber ducky. (Which I'm afraid might become a dog toy!)
Oh and a coupon for buy one get on free cinnamon roll..
They fed us donuts, apple juice, hot chocolate and coffee..
Oh and I was on the news about 5 times!! it was pretty cool.. even though no one saw me.. :(
I didnt really go to buy anything. But we had sooo much fun.
Everyone think we were insane.. and yea.. we were completely insane. But we had a blast!
And I have since completely thawed!

So there is my happy IKEA story! I found lots of fun things i want for the wedding. And cant wait for my first plate of meatballs!

OH... and by the way. glad you found some tylenol. Even though i bet it didnt really help either!

and... 12 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mixed Up Me said...

Yep, that's what I was talking about . . .Maybe I'll post your pictures!!

ryles said...

you should! I couldn't put any pictures in the comment...

ibeebarbie said...

Hi Mixed Up Me,

Well I'm imagining the pride shining beacon light over the Pain Relievers with an angelic musical tune playing. :o)

Now, where in the world is the picture of the "Bling" sandal. You realize what's going to happen now don't you? Just as your dawn those puppies at Starbucks the prom will be over. ;-)