Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will someone please take a census already??!!

I was going to write about the high school graduation of Too Smart For His Own Britches (Charming Child's brother, for those of you who may not remember), but 1) I don't feel like going to my car to get the camera that holds the graduation pictures, that I threw on the floorboard in a mere moment of "slight" anger, 2) I don't feel like going to get the camera because I don't want to know if I broke it, or not, and 3) graduation was a bittersweet day, and I am still trying to gather my thoughts and feelings about the whole day, but mostly because I don't want to know whether or not I broke my camera. I do promise, the graduation post, with pictures (because I know I didn't damage the memory card) is coming soon.

So instead, I would like to know, are there any Young and the Restless fans out there? For those of you that may not know, Y & R is a Soap Opera that takes place in a city called Genoa City, and for all I know, the city has a population of about twenty, and all twenty people are somehow related! Am I right, all of you Y & R fans?

Seriously, let me give you an example . . .Jack Abbott, son of John Abbott, was at one time married to Nikki Newman, which meant he was Victoria and Nick Newman's stepfather, then had a brief encounter with some woman whom I do not rememember her name as she is no longer on the show, but they had a son, whom I also do not remember his name as he is also no longer on the show, anyway, who cares what happenend in between, Jack is now married to Sharon Newman, Nick's ex-wife, and is now the stepfather of his ex-stepson's son, while Nick Newman is married to Phyllis, who happens to be Jack's ex!! Are you still with me? That is eight people all related, just by one person!! The writers must sit around for days trying to figure out how they can make a storyline with the least amount of characters as possible. Talk about cutbacks!! Oh well, it is still my favorite show and has been for the past 16 years . . . .but, seriously, will someone please take a census? I would honestly like to know just how many people reside in Genoa City!



I was a Y/R fan for a long time...Genoa City is in WISCONSIN! Ha ha....I really really want some tunes on my blog too...wonder if I can figure THAT out!

ryles said...

so. i dont watch that dumb show cause i have a LIFE!! Just kidding!
But i still dont watch it..
I dont want to get in trouble for not commenting... so.. i dont know how many people live there.
Sorry! :)

Mixed Up Me said...

I can tell you have a life by the way you were whining lastnight because you were so bored! You could have been watching taped episodes of Y & R!

Sarah said...

LOL! I have not watched Y&R in years, but read the Sunday synopsis each week to "see" what is happening. It is all so confusing to me too since the last time I watched it, Nick and Sharon were married and had just had Noah. I am guessing that Noah must be about 20 now in Soap years!! The only way to get new characters added into the show is to have a baby and then rapidly age it each season until by the time he/she would have been 5 years old, it can graduate high school and start going out with other ex-family members!!

Too funny!! Now, if you were a Days of Our Lives fan, we would have so much more to talk about!!