Friday, May 11, 2007

It is about the time when I ask myself, "Huh??!!"

Wow! It is good to be back! I have been without internet for a few weeks, but that is a story for another day, and I am finally back in business! I have missed all of you and I have so much catching up to do!!

I have a million posts, yes literally one million, running through my head, but today I just have to share the dialogue of this "philosophical" conversation I had with Charming Child yesterday. Before I get into the conversation, let me give you a bit of background information . . . Charming Child has a boy in her Fourth grade class who, to put it lightly, has an odd imagination and personality . . . as his art teacher I often have to ask him to ease up a bit on the graphic violence he depicts in his artwork. I mean, seriously, the assignment was to use a ruler to draw a train . . .not, use a ruler to draw a train that is running over someone!! Anyway, I digress . . . This young man, N.K., is also extremely gifted and bright, I mean really smart. N.K. has a young mother, I believe she had him when she was 14, or maybe 15 . . . so, here is our conversation . . .

CC: Hey, you know how N.K. is really smart? And, you know how Rory (from Gilmore Girls) just graduated from Yale, the Ivy "Link" college?

Me: Yes

CC: Well, you know N.K.'s mom had him when she was in high school, and Rory's mom had her when she was in high school too.

Me: Yes

CC: So, I was thinking that maybe they are so smart because when their mom's were pregnant they had to go to school everyday and so they were already learning before they were born.

Me: Huh?



I love Gilmore Girls!! I just started to let K watch it. If only life were that funny! So you teach at your daughter's school? Such a unique experience...I have K next year and I am dreading it! She is asmart, well-behaved kid, but we butt heads...being with her from sun-up to sund-down is exhausting!

ryles said...

You gotta admit.. that was pretty intuitive of her!!! But maybe if she hopes to sound intellegent one day.. you should inform her its not ivy "link"!!!!!
Or maybe you should have stapped her to your back while you were in school so she could get ready for learning!!
p.s. glad your neighbor paid thier internet bill finally!!

ryles said...
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ibeebarbie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Too funny, and perhaps very plausible.

Goodness gracious – the way things are today you should be delighted she came up with that theory as opposed to thinking that was ‘cool’.

Mixed Up Me said...

All I have to say is, "So much for Baby Einstein!"

Also, she thinks it is very "disgusting" that N.K.'s mom had him when she was in high school (although she didn't mention a disgust factor with good ol' Lorelai Gilmore, Hmmm?)So we had to talk about how it is not nice to judge people, for fear that she may tell N.K. how "disgusting" she thinks this is, and I would never want him to feel bad. I would, however, like him to stop growling during class, but we'll take another approach to that issue!

Mixed Up Me said...

Oh, Ryles, the neighbors did not pay their bill . . . I resposibly and legally had my own internet installed!

ryles said...

wow!! big step.. congrats!!
Very responsible like of you...